Enugu sets up a team of experts to investigate police brutality and extrajudicial killings.

Posted by on Oct 17, 2020, Under: News

Enugu sets up a team of experts to investigate police brutality and extrajudicial killings.

Governor Ifeani Ugwuani of Enugu State on Saturday, for the second time in two days, addressed the state’s young people protesting against #PoliceBrutality in the country and announced the creation of a judicial commission to investigate complaints. police brutality or related extrajudicial executions at the request of demonstrators.

Governor of Ugwuani, who addressed the #EndSars demonstrators to applause, reiterated his support for the state government’s stance on the demands of the young protesters, said the commission will be chaired by a High Court judge with two civil society representatives and a retired senior police officer as members.

Other members of the commission, according to the Governor of Ugwuani, include a youth representative, a student representative, a state attorney general representative and another representative of the Human Rights Commission.

The governor, who applauded the demonstrators led by two famous artists, Flavor and Fino, expressed solidarity between the government and the people of the state in their peaceful protest.

He added that the commission is responsible for receiving and investigating allegations of police brutality or related extrajudicial killings; evaluate the evidence / other accompanying circumstances presented and draw conclusions about the reasonableness of the claims, and then recommend compensation and other corrective measures, if applicable.

The Governor of Ugwuani also announced that his administration will establish a two or three-person human rights complaint team that will receive complaints on an ongoing basis, adding that the team will be set up by the Special Committee on Security and Human Rights.

“We also decided to create a grievance committee that the public can report on by phone or on social media,” the governor said.

Thanking Ndi Enugu for his overwhelming support and goodwill, especially when they re-elected him in 2019 with an unprecedented 95.54% valid vote, which he said was a referendum on his activities, Governor of Ugwuani assured them that his administration would do all that. what he promised to do for the people despite the country’s problems.

Deputy Governor Ms Cecilia Ezeilo, who accompanied the governor to the event, presented the state government’s position on Tuesday, agreeing to respond to all inquiries by protesting youths led by Flavor and Fino.