Escape from Sexual Slavery: A student tells how she was deceived and hypnotized by a trafficker in women.

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Escape from Sexual Slavery: A student tells how she was deceived and hypnotized by a trafficker in women.

Nguemo Mercy Agidi, a 15-year-old girl, told the amazing story of how a human smuggling suspect sold her in Nasaraw.

The dust raised by the story of Nguemo, who along with his peers was rescued by the Nasarawa State police from a trafficking suspect, has not yet settled.

A student of Best Brains Academy Senior One (SSS1) High School located in the Gaadi community in Makurdi, the capital of Benue State, originally from Tombaugh in Buruku LGA Benue, but lives with her parents in Makurdi. The last child of six children, three of them girls and three boys, his parents are fundamental agrarians.

But Tuesday 29 September 2020 is a day he will never forget. It was the day she was saved from the hands of a woman who wanted to sell her and her friends into sex slavery.

How the victim met the suspect

The girl, without informing her parents, left their home, located near the Airborne Hotel, in Fiidi, opposite the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) base in Makurdi, to stay with her friends in the North Shore area of ​​the city. The Sabbath Sun then tracked Agidi back to their Makurdi residence.

The girl, whose parents reportedly never knew where she was after leaving home, explained that she decided to leave home as her school was on vacation indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to her, three of her friends rented an apartment in the Northbank area, where they were left alone, and she moved in with them. He said that his friends did not go to school or trade.

It was while she was there that one of their boyfriends informed them of a woman who needed young helpers, she said. “I went to my friends’ house in Northbank, and two guys came to tell us that there was a woman from Lagos living in their house and she needed to help her with the work she was doing,” she recalls.

How the victim was deceived, hypnotized

She and her friends initially refused to give any idea, she said. But they later gave up as the boys continued to pester them. The girl insists in a chat with “Saturday Sun” that they were deceived and hypnotized. He also firmly believes that the woman in question used magical powers to convince her to go with her to Lagos.

Her story: “One of the guys who informed us about the trip said he knew a woman from Ebony State. The boy’s name is Teve, and the woman spent the night at her house on the Northbank whenever she came to Makurdi. They were two boys: Benjamin Amini and Moses Zam. Benjamin is a boy for my friend and an orchestra conductor, and Moses said he knew this woman.

“They told us that even if we didn’t want to go, we should just go and explain to the woman so that she knows that they made an effort, but not only could find people for her. This is how we got to know her. She told us that she has a canteen where she sells beer, Indomi and Sharwama and would like us to help her with her work.

“At first we refused. But the woman called us again to come and explain things to us. When we arrived the second time, we were all at a loss. We don’t know what magic she used on us, but she did something that made us agree to go with her to Lagos. On Monday we went home, collected all the clothes and went to her. We spent the night with her. “

Suburban train exposes suspect

Nguemo said that the grace of God saved her. He said that it was a specific woman he was driving to Akwanga, whom he did not know, but with whom they got into the same car, which caused alarm among the security officials about the real motives of this woman.

He said: “On Tuesday, September 29, we flew from Makurdi to Abuja. As we were driving, at about 5:00 pm, another woman in the car who was with the children asked the driver to stop so her children could urinate. It was a Tiv woman who went to Akwanga.

“When the car stopped, he said he would like to see FRSC officials standing at the checkpoint to pick up something. She said that one of the officers was her husband. It so happened that he told them that he suspected that our woman had sold us and was taking us to Abuja. The road safety officers quickly intercepted our car, asked who our woman was and where we were going, and we told them.

“After that they took us to the police station in Nasarawa Eggon and we spent the night there. The next day they transferred us to the CID (Criminal Investigation Directorate) in Lafia. There the police said they wanted to see our parents because our parents did not know that we were going. “

Arrest, rescue by the police

Police Commissioner in Nasarawa State S.P. Bola Longuet said police officers acted on a tip. However, he did not name the informant. He identified the suspected smuggler as Rita Oti, 40, from Ebony State, and the driver, Godwin Yaasa, 35, was a native of Benue State.

The Commissioner confirmed that the woman lured victims under the pretext of gaining lucrative jobs in Lagos before they were arrested in the Nasarawa Eggon state area. The six victims are between 16 and 24 years old, he said. In addition, he said that the intercepted car in which the suspect and the victims were transported was a Volkswagen Sharon minibus.

According to the police statement: “On September 29, 2020, at about 2.30 pm, police officers from the Nasaraw Eggon department, acting on the basis of reliable information, intercepted a Volkswagen Sharon car driven by 35-year-old Godwin Yaasa. Benue State, which carried Rita Oti and six other passengers, ranging in age from 15 to 24, en route to Lagos State.

“After interrogation, it was discovered that Rita Oti, aka Mama Gee ‘f’, 40 years old from Ebony State, under the pretext of helping victims in search of lucrative work, criminally lured 16-year-old Blessing Williams ‘f’, Mercy Agidi 15 years old, Jennifer Schiemawer, 24, Catherine Moses, 23, Moses Zam, 19, and Benjamin Amini, 21, all from Northbank, Benue. State without their parents’ consent and transported them to the Alagbado area of ​​Lagos state before she was arrested at Nasarawa Eggon LGA of Nasarawa State.

“The police investigation has been extended to the address indicated by the suspect in the state of Lagos. It turned out that their target was a commercial space that had been abandoned several years ago. ”

Victim’s sister expresses shock, gratitude

Explaining how the family learned of the incident, the victim’s older sister, Ruth Agidi, told the Saturday Sun that it was an online post from a reporter for The Sun who told the family what happened to Rita. He said that his parents, upon learning of the sad development of events, quickly moved to Lafia in order to secure the release of their younger sister.

“The media are really strong; entertains and informs at the same time, ”he said. “How could I have known that my sister was a victim of human trafficking here in Makurdi? One woman was surprised by several boys and girls, including my sister, at Nasarawa Eggon as they headed to Lagos before information reached us.

“The story is very long. Despite all the hardships and to the glory of God, my sister was returned home safe and sound, and the woman did not fulfill her mission. Almost all the parents of the victims brought their children home. All thanks to Solomon Ayado for posting, ”Ruth said on her Facebook page.

Victim blames police for freeing suspect

Meanwhile, the victim accused the police of compromising, releasing the suspect. She claimed that she was released after the exchange of money, which the police vehemently denied.

“I found out that the woman handed the money over to the police before she was released,” she said. In response to the indictment, Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Ramham Nansel (ASP) said, “I just confirmed from our legal department that the woman is still in custody. She appeared before the court, and the court advised to transfer her to NAPTIP, since this is a trafficking case. ”

Source: Sun News