“Even Aso-Rock is not safe” – Nigerians mock the president because of the robbery.

“Even Aso-Rock is not safe” – Nigerians mock the president because of the robbery.

Nigerians made the government of President Muhammad Bukhari a laughing stock on social media when they responded to the robbery attack on Aso Rok.

This happened after the presidency confirmed the fact of the attack on the head of the administration of the residence, Ibrahim Gambari.

On Monday evening, the president confirmed that a stupid attempt had been made to rob the Gambari residence.

This is happening at a time when there are concerns in the country about the growing insecurity in the country.

The recent attack on Aso Rok sparked a reaction from Nigerians, who ridiculed the government for its failure to protect the presidential mansion.

According to them, this is proof that there is no security in the country and that there is no safe place in Nigeria.

Some Nigerians hoped that the government would react quickly to the unsafe situation in the country following this recent attack.

Here are some comments collected by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Leodasilva, “Insecurity is approaching all of you. Maybe your government will do something now? ”

@FakhussHashim: “The President’s COS was attacked in the safest part of Abuja, the latest charge of insecurity in that country. Despite this oversimplification, Garba Shehu prefers to frame the incident. It does not matter. Nobody is sure. “

@Ukemeukut: “The fact that they even tried to do this should scare us.”

@ SirChuks: “This is proof that we have no security in the country. The government has failed. “

@ Tutsy22, “Silly attempt? You are trying to hide the seriousness of insecurity in Nigeria. ”

@TrueNaijaboy: “If you can’t keep yourself safe in ASO Rock, then there are problems on the mountain. Bukhari must do a noble deed and leave. “

@ Angela201: “I hope one day we don’t wake up and find out that Aso Rock has been stolen?

@Blessonate, “The fact that there was a“ try ”makes it a big deal.”

@Oluwaseun_top, “This attempt shows that the system has failed. A place that should be one of the safest in the country. Obviously, we need divine and voluntary power to make things right. What the government is doing about architecture security attacks. My main concern! Security officers are not encouraged. “

@ Sir Mooby, “Absolute nonsense. If there is an opportunity to try in such proximity, name a place that could be called safe in Nigeria. “

@Kingsley, “Aso Rock? No video surveillance and alarm? So you guys brought your chronic incompetence to the mansion? Jesus!”

Carlo Gambino, “Do you cocaine addicts accidentally understand even the seriousness of this alleged ‘attempt to rob’ the house of the chief of staff, General Bukhari? Oh, I consider it 100% successful. “

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