Evening wedding ceremony

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Evening wedding ceremony

Most couples get married in the summer, when the sun is often hot and hot outside. Sometimes such a holiday turns into torment because of the heat, and the guests sigh calmly only in the late afternoon. Why not arrange a celebration after 6 pm in that case? We will tell you how to organize an evening wedding ceremony, what features to take into account and give the optimal timing of the day.

Pros and cons of an evening wedding

The evening party automatically becomes romantic and intimate due to the darkness and special lighting. An important plus – everyone will get enough sleep, you and the contractors will not have to get up at 6 in the morning to be in time everywhere, because the preparation will be in the first half of the day. In addition, the evening wedding ceremony is usually shorter, which means you will save on some professionals, because many charge for services based on the number of hours.

The shorter duration of the celebration is not only a plus, but also a minus. It can fly by very quickly, and you will not have time to enjoy this day. Some guests will leave before the official end because they want to sleep or the journey will take them a long time. In the afternoon, not everyone will be cheerful, so it is important to organize the wedding so that guests have no reason to nod. Finally, not all photographers know how to take beautiful pictures in the dark or under electric light. It would seem, so what? This only means that you may not have a single high-quality photograph from the main part of the holiday, so be careful.

How to organize an evening wedding ceremony

Day and time. Choose a wedding date so that guests don’t have to go to work the next day. Ideally, if it is Saturday, then everyone will sleep on Sunday and not be tired (as can happen on Friday). When determining the moment of registration, be guided by what time the sun will set on the right day and appoint it during or after sunset (depending on whether you want to pronounce wedding vows in the rays of the setting sun or already in the light of the stars). The mistake of couples is to arrange the ceremony at the end of the evening, closer to 12 at night, because by this time no one has any strength left, and the impression of the solemn moment is greatly blurred.

Playground. All the salt of an evening wedding in the venue is spectacular lighting or a view, so choose your venue wisely. A country hotel or a manor is best suited , and in a city a loft or a restaurant with large windows and a balcony. Choose one location for the entire event, so you don’t have to spend time traveling. Talk to the manager about the end of the holiday, as well as the time for dismantling and cleaning.

Registration. An evening wedding ceremony becomes fabulous only with proper lighting, so pay a lot of attention to this issue. It is better to come to your favorite site in the evening together with a decorator to see how it looks at the right time of the day and where additional light is needed. It is important to highlight the main areas of the holiday well: registration, banquet, lounge, dance floor, sweet table. At a late wedding, it would be wise to ditch the fancy flower arrangements on the tables in favor of candles or lanterns. Some restaurants prohibit candles due to their high fire hazard, but they can always be replaced with alternatives:

  • retro garlands
  • glowing letters
  • flashlights
  • paper lamps

Organization. Consider the often overlooked aspects of organizing your evening wedding. First of all, they are important for a summer wedding in nature :

  1. At sunset and at dusk, mosquitoes and midges become active, especially in nature. Take care of your guests and provide them with repellents.
  2. It gets noticeably colder outside after sunset, so put on blankets (there should be equal to the number of guests) or rent outdoor heaters.
  3. Find out until what time on the set you can put on music and generally make noise. Usually site rules are in accordance with local legislation. In most regions, loud music and noise is prohibited from 10 pm to 11 pm.
  4. Some of the guests or contractors will need time to spend the night, find out in advance.

Photos. Despite the fact that we have already mentioned this issue above, we will repeat: most photographers do not shoot well in the dark, twilight and in low light. Ask the expert you like for examples of shots in the right lighting. If there are no examples, but the person convinces you of his skill, do not risk it! You won’t get a second chance for wedding photos. Be sure to take pictures with the groom both in the dark and in the daytime, before the wedding – at about 4 pm, the golden hour comes, when the sun’s rays are scattered, and the light is soft and pleasant. The faces of the people in the pictures at this time look gorgeous!

The timing of the evening wedding. Guests should not be bored, so the wedding should be brisk, and long breaks when the invitees are not busy with anything should be avoided. We offer an approximate schedule, adapt it as you see fit. We proceeded from the assumptions that on this day the sun would set at 21.15, and the lights out time – 23.00:


Fees. Adjust the start time of the gathering if you still need to get to the place of the celebration.

16.00 – 17.00

Photo session of the bride and groom in the light of day.

17.30 – 18.00

Gathering guests.

18.00 – 21.00

Dinner, entertainment, dancing.

21.00 – 21.15

Evening wedding ceremony at sunset.

21.15 – 22.00

Continuation of the party with music and buffet.

22.00 – 23.00

Cake, tea, the end of the holiday.