Everything you need to know about trying on a wedding dress

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How to choose the right dress? How to behave in the salon? How to prepare? Who to go with? How not to succumb to annoying consultants? When thinking about trying on a wedding dress, a lot of questions swarm in the minds of brides, each of which requires an answer. We understand this and tell you everything you need to know about going to a bridal salon.

When to start looking for a dress?

Start going to salons 4 months before the wedding. It’s not too early, you already know something about the celebration and the site, but it’s also not too late – if you need to bring the right size from another country, then they will have time to do it for you. If adjustment is required, there will be enough time for it.

How to prepare for a wedding dress fitting?

  1. Understand exactly what you want. Look at wedding blogs and Pinterest, save photos of your favorite dresses. In the end, you can buy something completely different, but pre-preparation reduces the time it takes to find that very outfit.
  2. Set a budget for the dress. So you will know the maximum that you are willing to spend and will not try on what you cannot afford.
  3. Book a site. Advice looks out of place here, doesn’t it? But this step is important – the choice of dress also depends on what the site will be and where it is located. For example, for a wedding in nature, you are unlikely to buy a fluffy princess dress, the hem of which will collect earth and blades of grass already during the first pass along the path.
  4. Mark the salons where you will go to try on a wedding dress. Choose from popular stores with an established reputation, as well as lesser known ones. In the first place, you may be provided with better service, but the prices may be higher. In less promoted service and choice of dresses may be worse, but more likely to find something at a lower price.
  5. Call ahead. Find out if you need to sign up for a salon or pay for a pick-up service.

Kinsley James Couture Bridal Salon

How is the fitting of a wedding dress in the salon?

First, you examine the dresses on hangers, indicate the ones you like, and then they are brought to the fitting room. After that, the consultant can suggest other outfits. Don’t give up – experienced salespeople have a keen eye, so they can bring you something that will make you look amazing, although you did not think that such a style would suit you.

If the fitting ended with the choice of a dress, then you will also be offered to pick up accessories (veil, shoes, jewelry, outerwear), and after payment you can take your purchase with you or leave it in the salon until the celebration.

Allow 2-3 hours for the process from and to in one salon.

How to dress for a fitting?

You don’t go to a bridal salon without makeup and disheveled (although you might have heard otherwise). A wedding dress is a solemn attire that does not tolerate a shabby look. Trying it on without makeup and with a dirty head, be prepared for the fact that the result in the mirror will disappoint you.

Light makeup is needed, but it is better to refuse foundation and bright lipstick so as not to stain the fabric. Wear something that is easy to put on and take off. Choose underwear that is neutral in color and smooth so that it does not distort the proportions or texture of the fabric of the dresses.

You need comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to visit several salons at once.

Lovely Bride

What to bring?

To try on a wedding dress, bring:

  • a phone with saved photos of what you like – you will show them to the consultant;
  • an elastic band or a hairpin to see how the dresses look with collected and loose hair;
  • shoes with heels, and its height should be approximately the same as you plan for the holiday. So you choose the right length of the outfit. There are shoes in fitting rooms, but usually these are 1-2 most popular sizes, so you can’t even dream of finding shoes in size 40 there.

With whom to go to try on a wedding dress?

You should not tumble into the store with a crowd of girlfriends – you will have fun, but there will be no sense from such a trip. You can take no more than one or two people with you: mom, sister, good friend or stylist. It is important that the escort really wishes you well, does not criticize, knows your style, figure and budget. If you are confident in your opinion, go to the salon alone, for many this is the best option.

Kinsley James Couture Bridal Salon

Rules for trying on a wedding dress

The main thing you should know is that you will definitely find THE SAME dress. 100%.

But in order for the search process to go smoothly, keep in mind that:

  • Some dresses look better on the bride than on a hanger. If the consultant insistently offers to try on something, most likely he suspects that this outfit will suit you, so do not refuse, put it on. You’d be surprised how many brides end up buying styles they didn’t even think about before trying them on.
  • At the same time, do not forget that the consultant in the store is a seller who receives a commission from the sale. He is interested in you immediately making a purchase, so he can offer discounts and special conditions “only today”. Filter the consultant’s words and calmly go for tea in a cafe or even to “think” for a few days if you are not sure. Are you under too much pressure? Get out of this salon.
  • Don’t buy the first dress you like, but don’t spend months looking for it either. The more fittings, the more the memory of the previous ones is erased.
  • Take photos and videos , mirrors can be deceiving.
  • Choose a size that is comfortable for you , and the dress itself fits better – even if it is different from the usual. You are buying a dress, not a label with numbers sewn on it.
  • If an outfit is found, but there is not and will not be a suitable size, remember that more is better than less, because a little more can be taken in. Better yet, look for another outfit in the perfect size.

Did you read the whole article? Then we are calm – you are fully equipped and ready for your first fitting!

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