Excursion ideas for visiting St. Petersburg with children

If you are in St. Petersburg with a child, you are probably thinking about where to go on an excursion. Parents who decided to visit the Northern capital with their children face a difficult task: they need to educate the younger generation, tell about the sights of the city, but at the same time make the trip fun and not tiring.

Why not complement your sightseeing with some children’s entertainment? We will tell you what excursions in St. Petersburg will be interesting if you come with a child.

Leningrad Zoo

The amazing Leningrad Zoo is widely known. Located in the heart of the city, this menagerie covers an area of 7.4 hectares and includes a collection of 533 animal species. Here you can see birds and animals from all over the world and learn a lot about the world of fauna. And twice a month, the zoo hosts a variety of themed events.

Museum of Soviet slot machines

Children will find a huge collection of slot machines produced in the USSR, which have delighted Soviet children since the mid-1970s. And today 40 working machines are ready to acquaint modern teenagers with the Soviet past. In the museum you can exchange your rubles for 15-kopeck coins and have fun playing one of the games: “Sniper-2”, “Gorodki”, “Rally”, etc.

Museum address: Konyushennaya Square, 2, lit. IN


Not far from the Leningrad Zoo there is a Planetarium with an observatory. Exhibitions, lectures and interesting educational seminars for adults and children are regularly held here. In the Star Hall of the Museum you can see the main apparatus “Planetarium”. With this apparatus, the most important astronomical phenomena are reproduced on the dome for visitors. Children will be able to see the movement of the firmament, the starry sky, the trajectory of the planets and the Sun, and even the famous Milky Way.

It is impossible to remain indifferent to astronomy after visiting the Planetarium. Its observatory houses the largest refractor telescope in St. Petersburg. With the help of a telescope, you can observe the Sun, Moon, planets, comets, examine galaxies, discovering more and more secrets of space.

Planetarium address: Aleksandrovsky Park, 4.

Zoo museum

The exposition of the Zoological Museum occupies more than six thousand square meters. Its collection includes more than 30 thousand exhibits: reptiles, mammals, insects, birds, invertebrates. A special place in the museum is occupied by rare and endangered animals, which are presented here in the form of jewelry made of stuffed animals. In addition, the Zoological Museum places the exhibits in their natural habitat. Therefore, even the smallest will be interested in such an excursion into the animal world.

Zoological Museum address: Universitetskaya Embankment, 1.


An interesting option for an excursion with a child is a visit to the St. Petersburg Oceanarium, where you can see cunning moray eels, unusual fish, the so-called sea devils, seals, stingrays, starfish and many other representatives of the underwater world.

The pride of the Oceanarium are small sharks – you can just watch them or watch a show with their participation. All the children will love this excursion, because here they will get to know the marine life.

Oceanarium address: st. Marata, 86, TC “Planet Neptune”, first floor.

Museum of mittens

The Mitten Museum has been a favorite place for many schoolchildren and kids for several decades. Its collection includes approximately 500 items. In addition, the museum has a playground for children’s creativity. Various concerts, days of different countries of the world, dance and pottery workshops are regularly held on this site.

The mitten museum is also known for its good deeds. Game lessons are regularly held here, during which the guides tell the children how to become a real volunteer.

Address of the Mittens Museum: Moika River Embankment, 87

Wind tunnel

If you want to dilute measured walks in St. Petersburg with bright sensations, go to fly in the FlyStation wind tunnel. This pipe is the second largest in all of Europe. The design is equipped with 4 12-cavity engines that pump air at a speed of over 300 kilometers per hour.

The total power of the attraction is 1700 horsepower, and the created air flow can lift you up to 17 meters! The guys will feel like free birds, feeling a real flight. This attraction will give a real adrenaline burst, and will also help train the vestibular apparatus and, according to the workers, is able to activate metabolism in muscle and skin tissues.

The aerotube is located 10 minutes’ drive from the Devyatkino metro station, at the 7th km of the Toksovskoe highway.

Interactive Museum “LabyrinthUm”

This museum of entertaining science will be of interest to curious visitors of any age. For the guys, more than 100 amazing mechanisms are collected here, each of which can be touched, twisted and started.

All mechanisms clearly demonstrate the laws of physics, biology and chemistry. Even the calmest kids will love experimenting and exploring the world. The museum has five thematic zones as well as an interesting interactive exhibition. Friendly scientific consultants answer any questions about the displayed phenomena.

Museum address: st. Lev Tolstoy, 9A, MFC “Tolstoy Square”.

Museum “Grand Model Russia”

A single moving model with light and sound effects surprisingly conveys the atmosphere of Russia. Images, landscapes, moods change on the layout. Different scenes of everyday life are presented in different parts of this large model field: here, on the right they celebrate a birthday, on the left – a wedding, but on one of the streets of St. Petersburg students staged a rally.

Both children and adults will be very interested in this excursion. The whole of Russia has been recreated in miniature objects. Miniature Moscow, the Urals, Sochi, the Far East, Kaliningrad – in the Grand Model Russia Museum you can spend hours exploring your country.

Museum address: Flower Street, 16.

Giant’s house

Why don’t parents and children feel like Gullivers in the land of giants? This unique object will give everyone an experience of what it is like to be a tiny person. All the furniture and objects in this museum are gigantic in comparison to the visitors. In the House of the Giant, you can frolic and fool around heartily, as well as take many unusual photos.

Giant’s House address: Bolshaya Morskaya, 5.


This interesting scientific and educational platform will captivate even girls who are far from the world of technology. An exhibition of robots, courses in robotics, lectures and presentations of inventors – you don’t want to leave the museum. By the way, a child can even celebrate a birthday here in a scientific style in the company of smart robots.

ROBODOM address: Primorsky pr., 17.

Museum of illusions

Here the hand itself reaches for the camera. Still would! Indeed, in the Museum of Illusions, you can easily find yourself in a fairy forest, become a fish on a cat’s plate or a passenger of the Titanic. A lot of vivid impressions and photos are guaranteed!

There is a petting zoo and a house of tropical butterflies not far from the museum.

The address of the Museum of Illusions: Bolshaya Morskaya, 5.

Bringing Down the House

Just imagine: you enter an ordinary three-room apartment, but … everything in it is turned upside down. Everything. Sofas, beds, tables, chairs, plumbing were on the ceiling, and chandeliers were on the floor. Yes, fish is baked on the ceiling in the oven, and food is neatly laid out in the “ceiling” refrigerator. Walk along the ceiling of a St. Petersburg apartment with your children – a great mood is guaranteed!

Address: Nevsky Prospect, 5.

City of professions “KidBurg”

This interactive project will be interesting for both crumbs and teenagers. A small model of the world was created for children from one and a half years old. A variety of institutions are located in the KidBurg children’s entertainment center: banks, hospitals, galleries, and rescue services. Maybe this is where the child will show interest in a particular profession.

Address: 154 Engels Avenue (Grand Canyon shopping and entertainment complex, 3rd floor).

Divo Ostrov

The largest amusement park in St. Petersburg on Krestovsky Island is a must-see with children. Park “Divo-Ostrov” has 46 attractions: children, extreme and family. There are romantic merry-go-rounds, the exciting Shaker, playgrounds for the little ones, the panic room, the Roller Coaster and many other dizzying entertainment.

Petersburg is a city that will be remembered by both adults and children.

Supplement the excursion programs with a visit to the remarkable objects of the Northern capital with bright entertainments for children, and your family vacation in St. Petersburg will become truly unforgettable!

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