Fake COVID-19 test results put up for sale: Lagos government sounds the alarm

The Lagos state government sounded the alarm over the state’s sale of false COVID-19 test results, warning that processes had been put in place to suppress both buyers and sellers.

“We have noticed that a number of people are sponsoring people who are selling fake COVID-19 results. We are currently implementing processes to identify both buyers and sellers and will not hesitate to hold both parties liable to the maximum extent permitted by law. ”

Frowning at the non-compliance on the part of arriving travelers, he said a significant number of people who registered on the Lagos State Portal for COVID-19 for testing after arrival were tested while there are a few people. who paid for the test but did not show up for the test.

“Our logistics division is working hard to reach this group of people. These attempts met with difficulties as several people used false contact information when registering on the test portal. “

Stating that for the safety of the public, such individuals must report to testing immediately, he threatened to provide their details to the President’s Task Force to Deactivate their Passports.

Source: – Vanguard

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