Falana: Talks with Terrorists, Dialogue with EndSARS Protesters

Falana: Talks with Terrorists, Dialogue with EndSARS Protesters

Human rights lawyer Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) has called on the federal government to engage with the #EndSARS protesters and implement their demands.

If the government is negotiating with terrorists and kidnappers, he said, it should also be negotiating with demonstrators.

Nigeria’s senior lawyer, who appeared on a television show in Lagos on Wednesday night, also asked Police Inspector General Mohammed Adama to order his men to protect #EndSARS protesters from attacks by armed thugs.

Thousands of young people across the country protested last week against the persecution and extrajudicial executions carried out mainly by the Nigerian Police Anti-Robbery Task Force.

The police authorities have since disbanded the unit and declared the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit to be its replacement.

However, protests continued, with many calling for further reforms.

Speaking on Wednesday night, Falana said, “I would like to urge the government to stop allowing armed thugs or bandits to attack protesters who have settled peacefully, maturely and patriotically.

“If everyone recognizes that these young men and women have played a positive role in drawing the attention of government and authorities to the crisis in Nigeria, they should not be attacked by anyone. Indeed, the law states that protesters must be protected by the police.

“The police have to protect the demonstrators.

“Today the President is obliged to re-establish the Nigeria National Human Rights Commission.

“The Chief Accountant of the Federation is obliged to open an account tomorrow to hold the money set aside in the Police Trust Fund to finance the police.

“My advice to the president is to make all state bodies fulfill their statutory duties.

“The authorities should conduct a dialogue with the leaders of the protest group. After all, the government is negotiating with terrorists and kidnappers. So why not trade with patriots like young men and women protesting across the country.

“There needs to be a full investigation that will support a forensic commission of inquiry that can sit out in the open like Oput’s group and investigate the atrocities of all extrajudicial executions committed by SARS agents.

“If the government can do all this, and it can be done in three days, young men and women can now be persuaded to leave the streets.

“I talked to some of them and they told me that if they leave the street, nothing will happen. So let the government make decisions and implement policies. ”

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