Fayemi to receive NHRC Leadership Award

Fayemi to receive NHRC Leadership Award

Akiti State Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi will receive the NHRC Human Rights Leadership Award Thursday for Human Rights Day and the Commission’s Silver Anniversary Celebration.

The award, according to NHRC Executive Secretary Tony Ojukwu, is a recognition of the political and institutional reforms initiated by the government led by Dr. Fayemi to protect and promote human rights.

Another highlight of the Abuja event will be an international conference on the future of human rights, which will bring together human rights professionals, researchers and policymakers.

The Faymi administration is renowned for protecting and promoting human rights through policies and legal frameworks including the Gender Violence Act (GBV); Children’s Rights Act; opening a register of sex offenders; and paying monthly wages to older people, including through the public welfare system.

The government recently opened a sexual violence reference center for victims of gender-based violence and a professional development center for victims of domestic violence.

Yinka oyebode
Chief Spokesman for the Governor

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