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Cheerful, emotional, tactful and very cool – this is the description we would give to the wedding host Fyodor Pererva. Fedor told how to choose a leading presenter (and what he should be), what to discuss with the young people before the wedding, and shared ideas that we ourselves would not have thought of.

What are you leading, how does your style of wedding management differ from competitors?

“Fun and emotional, energetic and soulful, unobtrusive and tactful” – this is how the bride and their mothers describe my conduct. It is difficult to say unequivocally how my style differs from my colleagues, probably in strong positive energy and careful preparation together with the young.

What is a good wedding host?

It is important for the presenter not to be the theater of one actor, but to become a part of the wedding: at the right time, support someone, cheer up, allow someone to participate not verbally, but emotionally. There is no one rule for all weddings.

A good leader is more likely a best man, a friend from the young side. We are friends with most of the clients and keep in touch after the wedding. For example, I recently celebrated an anniversary for the father of one groom six months after the guys got married.

How long does it take for the bride and groom to meet with the presenter, what issues need to be resolved?

Optimally 6-8 months before the wedding, after signing a contract with the site. Although, if in doubt about the choice of a place, the presenter will also tell you the proven locations. After signing the documents, I send the young people a questionnaire, which is important to fill out in as much detail as possible: the more I know about the guests, the more interesting the wedding dinner will be! For example, a nice introduction to grandma:

“Meet the man who plays rugby, prepares strawberry jam with the groom and tells him scary tales – the groom’s grandmother!”

I always say: from such mILichek (nuances) a successful holiday with a good aftertaste is formed.

How to choose a wedding host?

First, we look at the portfolio that you found yourself or sent by the host. After watching 1-2 videos, you will understand if there is a chance for “chemistry” in person.

Then we meet in person and evaluate:

  • The manner of speaking, politeness. Can you “hold” an audience?
  • Interested in how you see this day or trying to impose your own vision of the holiday?
  • How charming and attractive. Is this person and communication with him pleasant to you?
  • How does his vision of the event coincide with yours?
  • Clarify what ideas the host is willing to offer as alternatives to traditional aspects of the wedding. These traditional moments: exit registration, meeting young people, giving gifts, toasts, drawing a bridal bouquet, throwing a garter / boutonniere, “drawing of the first piece of cake” and so on. Before the meeting, it is advisable to determine for yourself the key moments of the holiday, understand how you see them and what you want to emphasize.

What was the most memorable wedding you ever had?

I remember all of the 117 weddings held, each had something unique. At one celebration, the guests arranged a cool flash mob, at another, instead of a DJ, a rock group was responsible for the music. I saw a cake hanging from the ceiling and a bride throwing a bouquet to her friends from the balcony. Each couple had their own ideas!

Speaking of ideas, can you share three of your favorites with our readers?

  1. Let your friends write the vows for registration. The bridesmaids write the oath to the groom, and the groom’s friends write the oath to the bride. The young people will read the resulting oaths at registration after their own or instead of them.
  2. “Letter to the future” : letters with wishes from guests arrive at a given mail (young people give me an email address in advance) at a given time. Throughout the evening, there is an open laptop on the table, guests enter their wishes and choose the date on which they want to send an email. The young will receive these words on the day scheduled by the guest.
  3. Idea for guests – give wine , writing on the bottle the “reason for opening”: first night, 1000 and one night of family life, honeymoon trip, birth of a baby.

3 tips for grooms and brides

  1. Calculate your budget carefully.
  2. Get some sleep before the wedding.
  3. Remember that the wedding is your day, make it the way you want it to be!

And, as my grandfather said: “Haste is needed only when catching fleas”!

3 tips for beginners

  1. Lead as much as possible, giving 200% out of 100 possible at each event.
  2. Continuously expand your professional and personal horizons.
  3. Create the wedding dream of the newlyweds, expanding the boundaries of the usual.

Contact Fyodor Pererva:

+7 (985) 343-56-88 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

Instagram | VKontakte

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