Fela Kuti’s daughter Yeni Laments stole a family photo

Fela Kuti’s daughter Yeni Laments stole a family photo

Yeni Kuti, daughter of the late African American legend Fela Aniculapo-Kuti, complained about a stolen family photo, which she believes would be ideal for family museums, Igbere TV reported.

On Wednesday, Yeni posted a photo to Instagram, saying that many had submitted it.

“I received this photo from so many people that I decided to publish it. This photograph belonged to us until, like many of our photographs, unscrupulous people stole it. I am sad that they are now posting them on social media without returning them to their rightful owners. These are our memories, which I would gladly share or place in our museums, but now I have given up this opportunity, ”he wrote.

The photo was taken at a party to celebrate Fela’s return in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, at the residence of Olufunmilayo Ransom-Kuti, Fela’s mother.

Listing them from left to right, Yeni wrote: “Aunt Dolu (Fela’s sister) holds her son Yomi Ogundipe, grandmother (lioness Lisabi), our grandmother. Uncle Koye (the most respected minister of health today) in my opinion o !!! and his first son Dotun. My cousin, now a great veterinarian, Fela, our father (CREATOR Afrobeat), who holds me (blushing), sees me stressing him and my mother Remilekun (beautiful inside and out, holding my brother Femi (great musician). “

Yeni added that her grandmother’s residence where the photo was taken is now the Kuchi Heritage Museum.

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