Femi Falana: Accumulation of palliatives is a crime against humanity

Human rights lawyer Femi Falana (SAN) has asked state governors who still store COVID-19 palliatives in multiple warehouses across the country to immediately distribute essential items to citizens.

A human rights lawyer called the alleged “hoarding” of food donated to states by the Private Sector Coalition Against Covid-19, also known as CACOVID, a crime against humanity.

This was announced on Monday in an interview with The PUNCH-controlled Arise TV.

Falana said: “It almost looks like a crime against humanity, just like some government officials steal money to provide palliatives for internally displaced persons.

“I mean, are you wondering what this theft is? And so we are concerned that members of the ruling class in Nigeria will have to rethink that there are some areas where you should not go and loot the country’s treasury.

“Again, I want to reach out here about the warehouses that were not affected. If palliatives have been retained, I want to urge all governors of the states of Nigeria to follow the example of the governor of Sokoto, who simply circulated articles on this issue.

“How can a government accumulate indoms? It is unbearable. It’s provocative. Our government will have to apologize to the Nigerian people. ”

PUNCH previously reported that thousands of looters over the weekend raided several warehouses where COVID-19 palliatives were believed to have been stored and took away food before security personnel arrived.

Meanwhile, the Governors’ Forum of Nigeria on Monday denied allegations that the governors have accumulated palliatives to spread to Nigerians to ease their suffering during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: – Punch ng

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