FG cuts data cost by 50 percent

FG cuts data cost by 50 percent

Communications and Digital Economy Minister Dr Isa Ibrahim Pantami made this public on Thursday, adding that the cut is in line with a directive he gave the regulatory agency (NCC) to take action to cut the country’s average data cost.

“The average cost of 1 GB of data has dropped from 1000 AD. in January 2020 to 487.18 AD in November 2020 “. This is based on a report by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) submitted to the Honorable Minister after the directives were implemented “, This was announced by technical assistant to Dr. Pantami Femi Adeluyi in a statement released Thursday in Abuja. Adeluyi, Technical Assistant for Information Technology and Technology, said: “On December 16, 2019, the Honorable Minister inaugurated the committee that developed Nigeria’s National Broadband Plan (2020-2025).

“The plan was announced and launched by His Excellency President Muhammadu Bukhari, GCFR on March 19, 2020.

The federal government has announced a 50% cut in data prices.

One of the goals of the plan is to reduce the average cost of 1 GB of data to a maximum of N390 by 2025. ” With a baseline projection for January 2020 of 1000 N per GB, the maximum sustained decline expected by the end of each year was as follows: 2020 (N925), 2021 (N850), 2022 (N775), 2023 (N700), 2024 (N545) and 2025 (N390). “In line with Dr. Antami’s commitment to deliver on promises lower and higher, these measures have resulted in a significant reduction in the current value of data compared to the N925 forecast in December 2020. “According to the NCC report, the average data value in November 2020 was 487.18 AD, down 47.33% from the forecast.” The report also indicates that the data cost in November 2020 was lower than 50% of the data cost in January 2020.

“The Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, through the NCC, will continue to provide consumers with a pricing regime that is fair and consumer-friendly.” A policy is in place to ensure that operators set competitive prices to avoid undue profits. The general public may also wish to point out that there are ongoing investigations into complaints of rapid depletion of data. ”

For further inquiries, the Honorable Minister has ordered the NCC to respond to all questions raised by our citizens and customers. “All hands will remain on the bridge to achieve the goals of the broadband plan as the ministry oversees its implementation in line with our national digital economy policy for digital Nigeria.”

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