FG lied, we did not reach an agreement to suspend the strike on December 9

FG lied, we did not reach an agreement to suspend the strike on December 9

The University Academic Staff Union (ASUU) has denied having reached an agreement with the federal government to suspend the ongoing strike on December 9, 2020.

The Union insisted that, contrary to what was proposed in this regard, there has never been an agreement with the government that would suspend the operation for more than 9 months from that date.

ASU President, prof. ASUU Council (NEC) for further discussion and action. Noting that ASUU was willing to work with the relevant authorities to ensure that the strike was suspended once the well-being of ASUU members and the survival of public universities were sufficiently secured, he said it was a crisis. it is useless that this was due to the government’s failure to implement in good faith the Agreements voluntarily signed with the union.

In his words: “The leadership of the Academic University Staff Union (ASUU) has been inundated with investigations into why the ongoing strike has not been suspended. This was a follow-up to widespread statements by some government agents that all ASUU demands have been met and that the union has agreed to suspend the strike today, December 9, 2020. Nothing could be further from the truth!

“Quite frankly, the leaders and trustees who form the core of ASUU’s negotiating with the government are not constitutionally mandated to suspend any strike. Anything that results from commitments to government agents is an offer that must be returned to headquarters through the various union bodies.

“The opinions and points of view on the government proposals are combined and presented to government agents as counter proposals. This union proposal and counter proposal strategy is continually being pursued until the National Executive Council (NEC) of ASUU, made up of all recognized presidents, finally approves what it considers an acceptable government proposal. Only then can any strikes by ASUU be suspended.

“The ASUU leadership has not reached any agreement with the government to suspend the strike on December 9, 2020, and there is nothing in the government proposal of November 27, 2020 that would suggest such a conclusion, as the Minister of Labor and ‘occupation’ allegedly stated.

“The ASUU leadership has consistently stated at every meeting with senior government officials that union representatives are not empowered to make the final decision on a union strike. All that the leadership does is through its bodies present the proposals of the government, and in the current situation this has been done in good faith.

“ASUU members, as stakeholders in the Nigerian university system, are equally concerned and embarrassed that, over the years, those in leadership positions have shown a clear indifference to the decay and degradation of Nigeria’s public universities. We think it’s not too late to rethink. We believe that if there is will, there will be a way out “

Source: – Vanguard

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