FG orders civil servants to work from home until June 11

FG orders civil servants to work from home until June 11

The federal government ordered government employees to work from home.

According to the directive, civil servants at level 12 and below must work from home until June 11, 2021.

This is part of measures to prevent the spread of deadly COVID-19 strains in the country.

The directive may be revised after the June date, according to the presidential steering committee on COVID-19.

On Monday, the Nigerian government also reintroduced some of the measures taken during the second wave of COVID-19, limiting gatherings at worship centers and banning nightclubs.

National Incident Manager, Mukhtar Mohammed, said at a press conference in Abuja on Monday: “All government personnel on GL. 12 years and under must stay at home until June 11, 2021;

Permanent Secretaries and CEOs should be responsible for the application of NPI rules in their respective areas, with frequent spot checks; and make sure all NPIs are being followed. Mandatory and correct use of masks in all public premises. “

Regarding non-government workers, the official said, “Encourage virtual meetings in offices. Avoid large meetings, unload offices and make sure they are well ventilated; Whenever possible, encourage employees to work from home. ”

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