FG sells NASENI vehicles

FG sells NASENI vehicles

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has entered into an agreement with the federal government to take over all automotive research and development (R&D)

s) Results at the National Agency for Science and Infrastructure Engineering (NASENI) and transform them into automotive products for commercialization.

The agreement was signed yesterday in Abuja by the top management of the company and the agency.

NASENI Executive Vice President Professor Mohammed Sani Haruna, who signed the agreement on behalf of the federal government, said President Muhammad Bukhari’s dream of transferring NASENI projects and technologies to the private sector has come true. …

Haruna said: “The partnership between Innoson Motors and NASENI began in 2013, when NASENI produced and launched its first Made in Nigeria (NASENI M1) motorcycle, but today I am more pleased that a joint work agreement was concluded. “.

The NASENI CEO said it is gratifying and patriotic for Innoson Motors to have faith in Nigerian and Nigerian engineers and their ingenuity.

He said that “the results of NASENI’s research are numerous, but most Nigerian entrepreneurs are not interested in cooperating with us, they prefer to bring finished products from abroad, which indirectly hinders the internal economic development of the country, Nigeria.”

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd CEO, Chief Innocent Chukwuma said NASENI has done a lot in R&D, but “Today we started a partnership that will live forever.

“Both NASENI and Innoson Motors are passionate about leading Nigeria out of its economic forests, and with God on our side, we will succeed together.”

He said that through this collaboration, he believed that Nigeria would soon be able to tell a success story in local auto parts manufacturing, even in terms of export volume.

Source: – Daily Trust

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