FG Still Rebuilding Chibok College Seven Years After Destruction

FG Still Rebuilding Chibok College Seven Years After Destruction

Senator Ali Ndume, who represents the Borno South Senatorial District in the National Assembly, complained Friday that the federal government has not yet rebuilt the government’s high school for girls, Chibok, which was destroyed seven years ago by Boko Haram rebels, Newspremises reported.

Ndoume, who also chairs the Senate Army Commission, said the federal government took over Borno State College after terrorists kidnapped 276 female students in 2014.

Ndoume, who spoke to reporters in Abuja, also noted with concern that the parents of the abducted students continued to experience uncomfortable pain following this ill-fated incident.

She said, “It has been seven years since the kidnapping of the girls from Chibok. To date, 112 of them have not been taken into account. We hear stories, but I am pleased that the government issued a statement that it has not forgotten and that they are following this case.

“However, I want to ask the government to provide parents and members of the public with updates on their efforts monthly or quarterly so that we know what is happening.

“The government must identify the parents of the remaining 112 missing girls so that through the state government or any other channel the government can contact them and provide them with psychological assistance.

“Moreover, the federal government still, seven years after the destruction of the school, has not rebuilt it. The federal government has taken the Safe School initiative, which has saved money – a lot of money – no one talks about it anymore.

“The federal government did not keep its promise. In fact, the Borno state government is now struggling to take the school away from the federal government in order to rebuild it. “

Ndume added that the federal government was unable to repair the 40-kilometer road between Chibok and Damboa, the road that the rebels used to ferry girls.

He said: “The road project has been funded from the federal budget since I came to the National Assembly 18 years ago. The federal government failed to complete it, and this road is critical.

“This is because without access, military or security structures cannot be effective. So these are the things that we are asking the federal government to address urgently or nationally. “

The senator noted that the sooner the federal government does something in terms of providing more information about the efforts they are making to recover the captured girls, the better for everyone.

Source: – Punch Ng

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