FG warns population against overpass at Lagos airport

FG warns population against overpass at Lagos airport

Federal inspector of works in Lagos state Olukayode Popula advised the public on Friday to stay away from the dangerously burned overpass at Lagos airport until its structural safety is determined.

The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that the bridge over the Toyota bus stop on the renovated Apapa-Oshodi-Okhota-Ovoronshoki highway was in flames when an oil tanker caught fire on Thursday. …

On Friday, the federal and Lagos state governments conducted a joint inspection to determine the extent of damage to the bridge and adjacent roads.

Leading state and federal officials, Popula, expressed concerns about the safety of the bridge, saying its structural integrity has not yet been confirmed.

During the inspection, he told the National Academy of Sciences that samples were taken from the burned bridge for analysis to determine the level of damage and the location of the repair.

Popula said that 200 meters of hard surface was burnt on the Apapa-Oshodi-Okhota-Ovoronshoki highway reconstruction section, which was carried out by the Dangote group.

He added that the bridge trestle had been burned and its support was badly damaged, raising concerns about the bridge’s structural instability.

The dispatcher said the bridge was barricaded after the fire for safety reasons, and expressed regret that the barriers were removed at night.

Popula warned that using the bridge is risky.

“We take a few samples for analysis before we know about structural stability, but a lot of physical damage has been done to this pillar of the bridge.

“Integrity has already been compromised.

“Yesterday the road was blocked, but at night some people went to remove the barrier.

“We advise that members of the public do not risk using this bridge,” he said.

Popula said that about 200 meters of the bridge floor and sidewalk of the reconstructed Apapa-Oshodi-Okhota-Ovoronshoki highway were hit by a hellish blow.

He added that one of the pillars – the pillars of the bridge – was badly burned, making the ministry unsure of the bridge’s structural integrity and safety.

He said the test results will provide adequate performance on the flyover built by Julius Berger Plc, as well as on the highway being reconstructed by the Dangote Group.

According to the controller, the Federal Highways Act empowers the Federal Ministry of Labor and Housing to prosecute anyone who harms federal government assets.

“This project for the Apapa-Oshodi-Okhota-Ovoronshoki highway is ongoing and we have not even completed it. Now, through the carelessness of the drivers, this fire has occurred, and you can see the level of damage.

“The sidewalk, on which we spent a lot of money, hit up to 200 meters; it will cost a lot of money, ”he said.

Popula noted that the ministry worked in partnership with the Lagos state government to address the threat of trucks and other offenses affecting road infrastructure.

Governor Babajide Sanvo-Olu’s Special Adviser for Works and Infrastructure, Ms. Aramide Adeyoye, said the state government, through the Department of Transportation, will ensure that roadworthiness rules are strictly enforced.

He told NAN that government agents would start entering storage and loading docks for oil tankers to make sure those who do not approach the road would not pick up oil products.

Adeyoye said the truck accident, which damaged road infrastructure, had become recurring.

“It is often said that the roads are in poor condition. How about it now that the road is very good, there are no potholes anywhere, ”he said.

Adeyoye said truck accidents were most often caused by reckless driving.

He asked for a change in attitude.

He said that the fires caused by tanker accidents caused many problems for road users and called on unusable trucks from the road to stop entering Lagos state.

He said that the support of the federal government is important in the fight against the “hydro-head monster.”

Cyril Zango, Deputy Corps (Operations) Commander, Lagos Sector Command of the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Corps, said the truck had been hijacked.

He said the investigation into the incident was ongoing, adding that if found guilty, the owner and driver of the tanker would be prosecuted to act as a deterrent to other road users.

Zango said articulated vehicle drivers are using harsh methods to evade control.

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