Fight for leadership is tearing apart Enugu community as traditional leader accused of killing 9 people

Obede Isiugwu leaders in the Igbo-Eze local government area north of Enugu state accused Fabian Ecke of subjugating his people to terror.

Fabian Ecke, the traditional ruler of Obede Isiugwu, a community in Enugu State, is accused of murder and intimidation.

According to SaharaReporters, Obede Isugwu leaders in the Igbo-Eze local government area north of Enugu state accused Fabian Eke of terrorizing their people ever since he took the throne.

In a petition to Enugu State Governor Ifeani Ugwuani, they claimed that Eke was responsible for nine verifiable deaths in their community.
The five killings were allegedly linked to the people behind the resettlement of the Obede people in order to create an autonomous community separate from the Ugwuoji umbrella region.

The signatories, who served as members of the Obede General Assembly, said Eke changed the community’s security architecture and appointed Ikechukwu Omeje, a dubious person, to oversee the protection of life and property. in the enclave.

Omej, in turn, as intended, used his office as a fighting squad for Igwe.

“He conceived of Omeje himself as the chief of security for Obed Ishiugwa and the messenger boy Igwe, who carries out his master’s orders. After the emergence of this new order, strange things began to happen in the security architecture of our community, up to the fact that people were killed and their bodies dismembered under the most strange and dubious circumstances, ”reads an excerpt from a letter sent to Ugwuani.

“The killing / killing ritual began at the Ishiugwu Dinner in 2016 when four people were horribly killed, their blood taken, sucked and collected without any vital organs. Their names are: Fidex Idoko, Ikechukwu Idoko, Christiana Amujiri Lydia, and the last person was Virginia Ali, who was killed in February 2020. ”

In an interview with SaharaReporters, Iida Ejiofor, who will recruit Igwe from the Obede community if their desire to flee Ugwuodji is realized, said the last victim was killed shortly after she went to several places of worship to speak out against. Eke and Omeje activities.

“The woman who died in February went to one or two churches and said that ‘the people who kill such people will not be better off.’ The next thing they killed her, said Ejiofor.

According to the general assembly, the secretary of the proposed autonomous community, Cletus Odo, is one of the other five people allegedly killed by Eke and Omehe.

“In addition to the deaths of the aforementioned citizens of the Obede Isugwu community as a result of ritual killings, at least five other members of the community have died under mysterious circumstances that have recently defied any explanation. These people, before their premature death, were at the forefront of campaigning for the creation of the proposed autonomous community, in particular Mr. Cletus Odo (aka Funky), who acted as the secretary of the proposed autonomous community, and Mr. Matthias Ugwuani, ”the newspaper writes. petition to the Governor of Enugu State.

They stated that they had tried unsuccessfully to involve them in the investigation of the deaths.

Their efforts were thwarted by the same couple who claim to control the police in the area.

“Surprisingly, when the killings of those who were killed were reported to the police, Igwe Fabian Ecke intervened in the police investigation, trying to convince the police that such people are dying of natural causes, and forcing such dubious victims families to make a similar statement to the police that the victims died of natural causes. How he could deal with the police, whenever such a death happened, he remained inexplicable and disturbing to us as a people, “They said.

In addition to cases of murder and torture, community leaders claimed to have been maginalized, accusing the Igwe of making false accusations against them.

On one occasion, he reportedly petitioned the Department of Civil Service that the Obede community was planning a tribal war.

“Among Igwe Fabian Ecke’s insidious indulgences was the sponsoring of a frivolous and fabricated petition based on false information that was passed on to the Department of Civil Service (DSS) and the Ogunte police station, claiming that the Obedé community did not allow Umuopu people to enter their premises and they organized tribal war. The false charge led to the arrest of four (4) people at Lunch, but they were later released when police and DSS discovered the charge was false. ”

Community leader Obede Ejiofor added that Eke had taken over an energy project that was supposed to connect the damaged area to the national grid.

He claimed to have given Ecke 400,000 rent to install an electric pole to fix the problem, but nothing was done.

SaharaReporter contacted two family members of some of the killed victims. One of those who responded, Christian Idoko, brother of Ike Idoko, who was killed in 2018, said that no one in his family could authoritatively claim the rights of the person who killed his brother.

Christian, who lives in Lagos, said he was not in the village when it happened.

“They told me the following: he slept at night, no one saw him at dawn, so they entered his house. They found that some people attacked him with a machete. They tried to rush him to the hospital, but he was dead, ”she said.

Christian claimed that Ike lived alone and no one saw the attackers enter or leave.

Responding to allegations of insecurity and the killings he organized, Igwe Fabian Ecke stated in the text that these allegations were “completely false.”

“Someone who wants to be Igwe in a non-existent community within the Ugwuoji community is spreading unfounded rumors against me for no good reason. Peace reigns in my community, and troublemakers are being brought before civil court under the action NO EZ / 16/2020. Check out our defense and countercurrent in the High Court of Enugu Ezike on this matter and your story will be complete. Thanks for hearing from me, ”he said.

The reporter also tried to speak with Igwe to clarify a specific civil suit in court, but said that he was attending the meeting and did not want to consider a case that was already in court proceedings.

The Sahara Reporter learned that the case in question was related to one of the alleged Omej-related attacks that the community was able to send to a police station in Abia State.

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