Finally, the Nigeria embassy in Germany fires an agent who asked for sex before renewing his passport.

Finally, the Nigeria embassy in Germany fires an agent who asked for sex before renewing his passport.

Mr. Martins Adedeji Oni was dismissed from his position as a security officer at the Nigerian Embassy in Germany.

He was fired after being filmed on viral video asking for sex before renewing a candidate’s passport.

Recall that in November, a viral video appeared on social networks in which an agent in a hotel room in a semi-nude form argues with an unknown person who accused him of asking for sex from women who applied for a passport renewal. Nigeria’s ambassador to Germany, Yusuf Tuggar, responded to the viral video by saying the embassy is investigating the matter.

On Tuesday, the embassy posted an update on its Twitter account, saying that the investigating committee had found Mr. Oni guilty of the charges. After that, Mr. Oni was immediately fired. The statement says:

“The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria immediately terminated the contract with Mr. Martins Adedeji Oni, the mission’s security officer. His dismissal followed an investigation into allegations of corruption and sexual misconduct. “Mr. Oni was suspended from service on November 17 after reports surfaced that he provided sexual services in exchange for helping to renew his passport.” The Embassy promptly initiated an investigation by the Committee to examine the allegations and any related matters and make recommendations for action.

“The committee questioned Mr. Oni and other witnesses as part of a thorough examination of these very serious allegations. He concluded that Mr. Oni was guilty and violated all relevant codes. “As a result, Mr. Martins Adedeji Oni’s contract with the embassy as local personnel was terminated.” The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would like to reiterate its policy of zero tolerance for all abuse of office, in particular sexual misconduct.

“The embassy is grateful to the public for their help in combating such abuses.” As a government official, we are committed to following all due process as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the highest ethical and professional standards in all our operations, including Consular E Immigration. “

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