FineSARS: Bukhari Ministers Recommend Military Investigation into Shooting of Demonstrators at Lecchi Toll Station

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FineSARS: Bukhari Ministers Recommend Military Investigation into Shooting of Demonstrators at Lecchi Toll Station

In a report presented by ministers of the Southwest, the government asked the government to investigate the killing of #EndSARS protesters at a toll station in Lecchi.

This came after the weekly deadline given to ministers to interact with state governors, stakeholders and youth protestors expired on Wednesday. According to Vanguard, ministers in the Southwest have called for a thorough investigation into the military’s involvement in the Lecchi shooting.

The ministers, who presented their report to the Federal Executive Council, the Federal Election Commission, at a meeting chaired by President Muhammad Bukhari in the Council Chamber of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, also recommended that the federal government support the government of Lagos State in replacing damaged structures in the state.

They also called on the federal government to consider providing short- to medium-term support to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by looting and arson attacks in Lagos and other parts of the country through a central bank intervention mechanism. as part of the funding for COVID-19.

We recall that President Bukhari, at the October 21 Council meeting, instructed ministers to visit their various states and engage with their governors and stakeholders following protests by young people against police brutality, especially the Anti-Robbery Task Force, SARS, a Nigerian Police Force.

The nationwide protests, which began peacefully, then became destructive as thugs took over businesses and looted and destroyed both public and private property. Briefing for correspondents of the State Chamber at the end of the meeting of the fuel and energy complex,

Labor and Housing Minister Babatunde Fashola said the Southwest Mines Ministers had recommended that the federal government seek and maintain fairness in all processes, ensuring that anyone arrested and identified as involved in Lecca’s crime be promptly prosecuted and fairly brought to justice. He said: “The highlight of the note was to advise the federal government to support Lagos State in rebuilding damaged structures, especially those related to public order and the administration of justice, such as the police, court buildings and the forensic laboratory. “Also consider providing support to the judges of the High Court of Lagos with some office space as temporary transfers when a request is made, obviously this was mentioned during the visit.

Per also urged the federal government to consider providing short- to medium-term support to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by looting and arson attacks that have taken place in Lagos and other parts of the country to see if it can do something through the intervention of the central bank mechanism as part of the COVID financing. -19 or any other related funding mechanism. ” And also to ensure that whatever gets approved must also include the National Economic Council, a platform on which to meet with state governors so that other states across the country that have been affected, businesses harmed can also benefit from living in Lagos that can be saved.

“We also urged the federal government to conduct a thorough investigation into what happened at Lekki Toll Plaza, in particular the role of the military, and to ensure that the results are made public in order to close the case.” We recommended that the federal government reorganize critical bodies and agencies, such as the National Leadership Agency and formal educational institutions, in order to focus on ethical reorientation and the introduction of family values ​​into the school curriculum.

“We recommended a focus on etiquette, local reasoning, critical thinking, finding solutions, empathy, self-esteem, civic duty, and human rights.” We also recommended that the federal government actively pursue and support the process of administering justice to all who were arrested and identified as involved in this massacre so that they are promptly prosecuted and justly brought to justice.

“We also called on the federal government to implement the FEC approved property management policy in 2019 for federal ministries, departments and agencies, and urge states to do the same.” We do this because we see it as a normal tool to help absorb and immediately create jobs for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor in order to solve huge unemployment and the part of the problem associated with poverty.

“This is important because people have skills, but we need to create an economic environment in which these skills can be profitable and self-sustaining.

“We called on the government to also restore trust in the police and their morale among male and female officers and improve their welfare, while monitoring ongoing police reforms.” We also called on the federal government to address the problem of substance abuse in the population through the Federal Ministry of Health and to propose solutions as it potentially affects mental health.

“We made this recommendation taking into account the global opium crisis and substance abuse and the impact on our country. We think this is a problem that requires attention and concentration. “

According to him, the ministers met with the regional governors, and the position of the governors was that Lagos was the epicenter, a commercial and strategic city-state in the southwest, and the country should be their starting point. Fachola said he informed the council about these reports. which were presented to them by the Lagos State Government during their visit to the state.

He said: “In the end, about 15 police stations were lost, businesses, especially in Lekki and many other parts of Surulere, were damaged, some schools were damaged, even private property and public buildings such as the City Hall, the High Court of Lagos, the Judicial Laboratory the Lagos examination and DNA center, the Port Authority of Nigeria, Oba Palace in Lagos and many others were also damaged. “We then presented the documentary evidence submitted by the Lagos State Government, which was shown to the Council.

“We then visited several palaces: the High Court of Lagos, led by the governor of Lagos Babajide Sanvo Olu, we also visited the NPA, the forensic laboratory and the Lekki Toll Plaza, and as you all know, we discovered some of the objects that we transferred state government in place. ” These were the highlights of our report. The Minister of Youth and Sports also visited the Lagos Island Hospital to express sympathy to the seven people who reportedly reported varying degrees of injury in the ward and emergency room. He also visited the homes of media representatives to express his sympathy for the destruction of property. ”

Ministers of the Southwest visited Otunba Niyi Adebayo, Minister of Trade and Investment representing Ekiti, Rauf Aregbesola (Internal Affairs) representing Osun, Sunday Dayr (Youth and Sports Development) representing Oyo, Olamilekan Adegbite (mines) and steel) representing Oguna , Olorunimbe Memora (State of Health) Lagos and Tayo Aladura (State Affairs of the Niger Delta) representing Ondo.