FineSARS: Confusion as Judges, Staff, and Litigants Must Leave Abuja Federal High Court

What the Federal High Court of Justice (FHC), Abuja, took over after the eviction order was pure fuss.

According to NAN, there was a stir on Wednesday when judges, staff and litigants were asked to leave the Federal High Court (FHC) in Abuja amid ongoing #EndSARS protests across Nigeria.

The enlightenment, which spread like wildfire around 1:20 pm, forced the judges, staff, and other people in the skyscraper to suddenly cease their duties as they stepped out of the skyscraper.

Attempts by the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) to get information from employees about why they left their offices to return home were unsuccessful.

“We are now being asked to leave the office, but I don’t know why,” said one staff member who did not want her name to be mentioned.

However, Deputy Chief Chancellor, FHC Administrator Memunat Folami said that the Chief Justice’s Special Assistant, John Tsoho, had instructed the staff to stop working day jobs.

He also said that the Chief Justice was instructed by the National Judicial Council (NJC) that all staff should be closed for the day.

“You know that the chairman of the court cannot give an order and we will not follow it. Not even Ministry of Justice officials have come to work today, ”said Ms Folami.

Earlier on the same day, hearings were held in various courts.

For example, Judges Inyang Ekwo, Okon Abang and Ijeoma Ojukwu were among the judges sitting on Wednesday.

At the time of the presentation of the article, it was not possible to contact FHC information officer Katrin-Obi Nwandu.

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