FineSARS Protest: We Feel Abandoned – Cops

Posted by on Oct 25, 2020, Under: News

FineSARS Protest: We Feel Abandoned – Cops

While millions of Nigerians wondered why the thugs were given the freedom to unleash riots in Lagos, Ilorin, Jos and many other cities without police control, some on duty officers explained that most of them were reluctant to intervene after the attacks. the same people they tried to protect in the past.

His revelation shed light on the fact that despite an order from Police Inspector General Mohammed Adamu to deploy mobile riot police throughout the country, his order for a force of widespread destruction was largely ignored.

However, clearly worried about the ongoing robbery, Adam yesterday gave new orders to the police hierarchy to reclaim “public space” and restore normal life across the country.

However, one of the officers who will undoubtedly be one of those charged with implementing this latest directive and who spoke to the Sunday Telegraph on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the issue also protested #EndSARS introduced a new dimension of police in Nigeria … He said, “It’s clear that people don’t like the average cop.

The general condemnation is overwhelming and not reassuring. You attack your wife and children. Those living outside the police structures were searched to their homes and mutilated. “

Explaining the main task of the policeman and his role in society, the officer said: “You make peace for people, not for yourself, you are interested in what is at stake for you when people for whom they do not value your life.” This is complete abandonment.

Your employer leaves you, the people you have to protect leave you when it matters most. “While everyone is visiting the victims of the violent protests, how many injured police have visited?

“The police are the most maligned people in society, and we honor the criminals who now roam the streets with weapons. What did the police do to justify this conviction and disgust?

“A mobile policeman was driving to work, he was shot, all out of hatred. He’s just a fool who will fight for someone who doesn’t value your life. Let everyone become a police officer and protect their community! “

Another source also clarified that IG’s warning that a police officer must exercise restraint and not shoot indiscriminately further exacerbates the situation.

“The bandits knew that (the police) had been ordered not to shoot in any way, and that encouraged them to do what they were doing.

“The honest truth is that given the situation on the ground, it would be difficult for the police not to be pleased, especially the threats to their lives.

“If the order had not been given, they would have opened fire, which would have resulted in many casualties, so instead of being in a situation where the person in question would have to start answering questions about why he shot, they chose to say“ no “to introduce myself,” the source explained.