Fire Pit Market on the Plateau |

Fire Pit Market on the Plateau |

Yam tubers and other millions of naira worth of food were destroyed in a fire that destroyed the popular Namu Central Yam market in the Quan Pan local government area in Plateau state, he said.

The cause of the fire, which occurred early Monday morning, March 29, is not yet known.

Community resident Kabiri Buba said the accident affected more than 100 farmers and called on the government at all levels to come to the aid of farmers.

Senator representing the southern plateau, Nora Daduut, in a statement on Monday expressed condolences to the victims and the traditional ruler of the Long Jan community Nam Safiyan Allahnan over the incident. The senator also called on the government and other charities in Nigeria to provide support to the victims.

“They sympathize with all Nam Nam in connection with this sad incident. Since I heard about this incident, I have not been myself anymore, I am very sad. I pray to God to resurrect the spirit of those who have suffered as a result of this accident. May God give them the grace to accept the loss and continue the struggle, ”said the senator.

Source: – Igbere TV

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