first IMSU student to win the first lesson in physics

first IMSU student to win the first lesson in physics

A young man named Mbagwu Jonpole Chiagoziem is the first student to receive a 1st grade degree from the Industrial Physics Department of Imo State University, IMSU after 37 years of study.

Chyagoziem received 4.51 points on the 5.0 rating system for being the first student to graduate with a first class in industrial physics.

Graduate in a statement addressed to the Director of Information and Media Komr. Duru Victor said that he was motivated to study in order to get the first lesson because his classmates and older colleagues always told him that they had never done this before.

He said:

“My classmates and older colleagues say this [then] no one can graduate in first grade. I told them I was a different person, that I would end up with this [first class] By the grace of God. “

Mbagwu also thanked one of his professors, who was named Professor T.K. Chineke, who, he says, was instrumental in his academic success.

According to him, he usually responded to the call of his beloved teacher to graduate with first grade: “Prof, thank God, I will break the record in this department.”

Although the industrial physicist graduated in 2019, he still earned his certification in 2020.

Mbagwu also has 10 research papers.

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