Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slaps fines on cruise ships for Mandating COVID 19 vaccine passports, ‘wants passengers to get sick’

Journalist and long-time follower of the Grateful Dead, Jim Roberts, is accusing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of wanting cruise ship passengers to get sick because he has stated he will not allow “vaccine passports.”

DeSantis has informed cruise lines that if they require vaccination status from their customers, he will slap them with a $5,000 fine per incident. It’s part of DeSantis’ move to ban “vaccine passports”ban “vaccine passports” in Florida.

In response to that edict, Roberts tweeted: “Florida Gov. Ron De Santis seems to want cruise ship passengers to get sick. Says he will fine cruise line companies $5,000 for each person who is required to show proof of vaccination before boarding. Insanity.”

Individuals going on a cruise voluntarily likely know that they could be at risk of contracting the virus if they aren’t vaccinated. Those who are inoculated are reportedly at negligible risk of contracting the virus. DeSantis is ostensibly intent on making the proof of vaccination and passengers’ choice to disclose vaccination status a personal right.

(Video Credit: WPLG Local 10)

Roberts referred to a piece by writer Jonathan Chait over at the Intelligencer. In the article, he goes on about how cruise lines are a “well-known vector” for the virus because of the large number of people packed into a confined space and if the majority of passengers are vaccinated, then this should only be a concern to those who are not vaccinated.


Chait seems to be offended that DeSantis is safeguarding the rights of individuals who refuse to get vaccinated over the private interests of businesses. He concludes by outrageously stating: “Why, it’s almost as if the right of individual conscience or freedom of contract was never the basis for the Republican position at all.”

Since these cruise lines use Florida’s docks, it is allegedly within the state’s purview to demand that an industry that profits from their ports follow their laws. DeSantis views the proof of vaccination as a violation of privacy and constitutional rights. Corporate rights do not trump the rights of individuals in his book.

A number of commenters on Twitter pointed out the obvious.

Fusilli Spock tweeted: “I’m all for this policy. At this point, if you’re not immune, the risk is 100% yours. If you somehow contract COVID while on a cruise, they should drop you off at the next port and it’s on you to get home & treatment.”

Kerfuffle Actual had an apropos question for Roberts: “Do you also chase after parents who don’t get their kids the flu shot each year?”

Another commenter laid it bare: “Absolute clown of a journo makes the argument that covid vaccines are so ineffective if a single nonvaccinated person goes on a cruise ship, all passengers will get sick and it will be a governors fault.”

Roberts also went after the Governor of Oklahoma while he was at it: “Not to be outdone, the Gov. of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, blocks state agencies from requiring people to wear a mask or prove vaccination before entering a state building. Madness.” Again, it is only the ones who are not vaccinated who have any risk whatsoever here.

Europe is seeing massive protests against vaccine passports. So much so, that the U.K. is now dropping them.



It looks like DeSantis is leading the way on this issue.

But liberals just won’t give it a break. At every opportunity they are pushing a mask mandate:

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