Former lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin University found dead in car (photo)

Former lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin University found dead in car (photo)

A former professor at Adekunle University Ajasin was found dead in his car.

Dr. Olatunde Adegbui is dead. Former Adekunle University professor Ajasin Akungba Akoko was found dead in his car on Wednesday.

Dr. Olatunde Adegbui's car

Dr. Olatunde Adegbui’s car

Don, who is said to have been a lecturer in the university’s Earth Sciences Department, was reportedly healthy and friendly when he was last seen.

According to the source, the deceased was found dead by residents of Akungba Akoko, who noticed that he was in his car parked on Permanent Place Street. The source said: “It was the passer-by who first noticed that he was in the car, and his head fell and his body did not move.

The man quickly sounded the alarm to get the attention of other residents of the area. Arriving there, it turned out that the teacher was missing. The cause of death was not established at the time of writing this report. When contacted, the public relations officer of the T-Leo Ikoro State Police Command confirmed the incident and said that an investigation had begun.

“When our people arrived, it turned out that there were no traces of touching the deceased. But the true cause of death can only be revealed by the doctor’s conclusion. The deceased was over 70, ”Ikoro said.

AAUA’s head of media and protocol, Mr. Victor Akinpelyumi, who also confirmed the incident, said the deceased was a former professor and left the institution.

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