Former MP Ned Nwoko jailed my father for 6 years for opposing his land grab business – Son

Former MP Ned Nwoko jailed my father for 6 years for opposing his land grab business – Son

Ned Nwoko, a former member of the House of Representatives, allegedly asked police to arrest and detain Delta State community leader Okay Ifjoku, according to a report by Sahara Reporters.

Ifeyoku was reportedly held in custody for six years.

President-elect of the Idumeje Ugboko Development Alliance, Ifeyoku, was arrested by the Delta State Police Command in 2016 on the orders of Nwoko.

Nwoko accused Ifeioku of sponsoring indigenous people from the local government of Anioch North to protest him and reject his attempt to forcibly take over their agricultural land.

Ifedjoku’s son Nnagoziem told Sahara Reporters on Thursday how his mother visited his father in prison and celebrated his birthday.

According to Nnagozim, his father is rotting behind bars because he did not support the former MP’s land grab business.

“Ned Nwoko is using his political and financial influence to intimidate those around him,” Nnagoziem told Ifjoku Sahara Reporters.

He said: “Nwoko, who received about 33 hectares of land for free after saying he wanted to use it for dairy farms, later built a private estate on it. He invaded and took over the land of the poor peasants.

“Those affected by a community called Owu turned to Ifeioku to appease Nwoko as the god he called himself after their peaceful protest.

“When Ifedjoku called the meeting, Nwoko was present and explained that he had a vision of building a golf course in the community.

“He said that a golf course would require 90 hectares of land and that he still wants another 100 hectares for a sports university. That is why he invaded and destroyed the agricultural lands of the people.

“People questioned him on the golf course and expected my father to support him, but he didn’t. The community stated that he should have done it with the acres of land Obie had given him, but he was determined to take over the people’s farmland.

“He bothered both the elders and the young in this community, and therefore my father was one of the victims.”

When asked about the role of the police, Nnagosiem said Nwoko used her influence to bring the case to Abuja.

“But now he’s been brought back to Delta State. The case was not solved until the court officials went on strike, ”he said.

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