Four Nigerians arrested in India on suspicion of cyber fraud

Posted by on Oct 15, 2020, Under: News

Four Nigerians arrested in India on suspicion of cyber fraud

Cyber ​​police in India have arrested four Nigerian citizens and one Indian citizen on charges of cheating a former military nurse worth 41.70 lakhs after befriending her on social media.

The defendants – Michael Scott Colein (23 years old), Idu Dollar Okeke (32 years old), Imu Sunday Azubaike (32 years old), Kelvin Neke (29 years old) (all Nigerians) and Sujit Dilip Tiwari (25 years old) were arrested in Delhi under section 420. IPC (cheat)

They were presented in court on Tuesday, October 13, and were postponed until October 19.

Nigerians, posing as fabric merchants, were allegedly involved in racketeering in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Calcutta, Delhi and Nagaland. They allegedly defrauded several Indians worth millions of rupees via online scams.

In the latter case, the defendant befriended 56-year-old Rina Samsher Singh on Facebook using fake profiles, and then lured her into working for the Canadian military and offering lucrative gifts, according to the Nagpur cybercriminal police.

One of them stated that he was American and told her that he would send her gifts and gold jewelry. The defendant asked her to deposit money into various bank accounts in order to “release” the goods from customs.

She then received WhatsApp messages threatening to involve her in the money laundering case if she did not pay. Thus, he deposited 41.70 lakhs in accounts with Vijaya Bank, Canara Bank, UCO Bank and HDFC Bank.

In the end, realizing that she had been deceived by cybercriminals, she turned to the police. The cyber police tracked the defendant through video surveillance records at the bank branches where she deposited the money.

The money received by the former army officer was transferred to eight different accounts. Most of these accounts go back to Sujit Tiwari, a Delhi resident who was first collected by the city police department.

Cyber ​​cops led by the city police chief Amitish Kumar and KP Sunil Fulari froze eight bank accounts with a balance of about 18 thousand rupees, seized 13 mobile phones and 18 various credit cards from the gang. The police have yet to trace the passports and visas of Nigerian citizens.

A team of six, including Chief Inspector Raghavendrasing Hirsagar, assistant to P.I. Vishal Mane, Chief Police Officer Sanjay Tiwari, Officer Ajay Pavar, Deepak Chavan and Bablu Thakur fought for several days in Delhi to arrest Nigerian citizens and their local Tiwari representatives. One of the Nigerians almost escaped from the police, but was blocked by a group on duty.

It was Tiwari who helped the racketeer with his bank accounts, SIM cards and other documents to get money from his victims. The police first managed to track down and capture Tiwari, from whom the details of the Nigerians were mainly collected.

The police seized 18 credit cards and dozens of cell phones from them. Further investigations are ongoing.