Four police cadets arrested for dealing in hard drugs, 1 fired due to pregnancy

This is likely to be a truly astonishing development: no less than four senior cadets and one constable were in serious trouble.

According to the Daily Trust, the cadets and a police officer were detained at the Nigeria Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for allegedly dealing in hard drugs.

The cadets are enrolled in the regular three-cadet course at the Woodil, Kano Police Academy of Nigeria.

Police academy cadets were arrested and turned over to the NDLEA after a courier agent carrying a cargo containing a substance believed to be a hard drug was detained by law enforcement in Kwanar Dangor. along the Zaria Expressway in the Kiru Local Government Area in Kano State.

AIG Academy commander Zanna M. Ibrahim, who disclosed this to registered 7th regular course cadets on Thursday, said an investigation is still ongoing to establish whether the suspects are guilty.

It also turned out that 25 cadets, including one cadet, were dismissed from the institute on charges of indiscipline and gross misconduct.

She said that the cadet was fired due to an unwanted pregnancy.

He blamed the cadets studying in this discipline, pointing out that the academy categorically does not tolerate any wrongdoing.

He said the Academy will introduce drug and pregnancy tests to be conducted on a regular basis among cadets to ensure that only those who are physically and mentally fit undergo rigorous training.

According to him, “we had a case of pregnancy when the student was fired, and we do not want this to happen again.” When cadets go on vacation, when they return, we put them through these tests to make sure they are appropriate and appropriate for continuing their academic programs.

“Drug testing, you have to believe me that drugs are the curse for Nigerian youth today, you know that drug addiction and drug abuse are very common among young people. The recent protest and subsequent robberies were also driven by drug abuse.

“We want to make sure that our cadets don’t engage in such unhealthy activities. From time to time, we will subject them to those tests, during which we identify addicts or women with unwanted pregnancies, show them the way out, ”he stressed.

Zannah, the institution’s first product manager, warned cadets to be on the edge, avoiding all forms of compromising behavior such as theft, substance abuse, disobeying legal requirements, neglecting exams, and social media hype and crime.

More than 1,400 students from the Faculties of Science, Humanities, Law, Social Sciences and Management have been enrolled in the institute.

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