France: Concentration camps for Muslims. Arrests of children. 5 years in prison for refusing a doctor of the opposite sex

Posted by on Nov 7, 2020, Under: News

The total war on Islam declared by Macron under the slogan of fighting “Islamic separatism” is growing and becoming more severe in France every day. What a month ago would have seemed like a terrible fantasy has become a reality today.

If only a month ago, someone had said that the French authorities were planning concentration camps for Muslims, he would have been called a shameless liar, denigrating France and “black propaganda.”

But the other day, French MP Eric Ciotti openly called on TV to create concentration camps for Muslims similar to the American Guantanamo concentration camp. VIDEO… According to him, it is not necessary that these concentration camps be located in France. They can be created in other countries by agreement with their authorities.

Literally a day after this shocking call, indicating that the French authorities have plans to create concentration camps for Muslims, another equally shocking news came, demonstrating that the war with Islam in France is acquiring an absolutely satanic character.

The French parliament is preparing to adopt a whole package of anti-Islamic laws. So, according to the new law, a patient who wants to change a doctor because of his gender faces 5 years in prison and a € 75,000 fine.

If, for example, a woman wants to go to a gynecologist, a woman, and not a man, she faces prison. Al-Jazeera’s European Bureau editor led excerpts from this law

If one of the readers thinks that the author of these lines is pushing, then he is greatly mistaken. The surrealism of the growing anti-Islamic hysteria initiated by Macron develops into a real terror.

It got to the point that punitive terror fell upon Muslim children.

At first, Macron openly and brazenly lied, stirring up hatred of Islam, that supposedly 3-year-old Muslim girls were forced to cover their faces with a veil and were brought up to hate the values ​​of France. Because of this, Macron was accused of lying even by the British press.

Then the unimaginable began. Schools in France carry out total checks to identify children “prone to radicalism.” To identify such children in schools, ceremonies are held in praise of the teacher, who was killed, according to the authorities, after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salatu wasalam) in class.

If one of the children shows dissatisfaction or shows a negative reaction, and even if the student does not show due zeal in supporting praise, investigative actions begin against such a child. More than 150 cases have already been filed against “suspicious schoolchildren”.

This is not the end of it. The police break into the homes of the parents of “suspicious” children and carry out searches. At the same time, the tactics of maximum intimidation are used, as happened in the case of 10-year-old children, ethnic Turks.

Masked armed police broke into Turkish natives’ homes at dawn, breaking down doors. Searches were carried out in the apartments. Four 10-year-old Turkish children were taken from their parents and taken to the police station, where they were interrogated for 11 hours in a row.

This unprecedented punitive terrorist attack against children has caused extreme outrage in Turkey. Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Shentop called the detention and interrogation of Muslim children by the French police as “banditry committed by the hands of the state.”

Shentop noted that the situation in France is of concern to Muslims around the world and the perpetrators should be punished in accordance with the law.

“This is already going beyond all limits. At first they called the insults to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ “freedom of speech”. And now they are trying to force people to support the position of those who offend religion, ”Shentop said.

Meanwhile, Macron is escalating the degree of anti-Islamic hysteria and provocations, strengthening the campaign of hatred against Islam and insults to the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salatu wasalam). Digital billboards with cartoons are displayed in French cities. Macron brought troops to the streets, doubling the number of armed soldiers and police, incl. to guard those billboards. He explains his actions by the fact that France “was and will be a country where freedom of speech and expression is protected.”

Against this background, the ban of the Minister of Education of France Jean-Michel Blanquer from publishing comics, where he himself is one of the characters, became very indicative.

That’s all there is to know about freedom of speech and expression in French. All their “freedom” consists in the right, at their own discretion, to spread public abominations, insults and hatred of Islam. And they don’t stop there

Now the French authorities require Muslims to actively support and publicly show approval and agreement with the company of insults to the Prophet (alayhi salatu wasalam) and hatred of Islam. Anyone who does not do this is registered as “Islamic separatists and terrorists.”

And what is happening today in France and around the world is what happened in the past, and what Allah warns Muslims about in his Holy Quran

“Jews and Christians will not be happy with you until you adhere to their religion. Say: “The path of Allah is the straight path.” If you begin to indulge their desires after the knowledge has appeared to you, then Allah will not be your Protector or Helper. ” (al-Bakara, verse 120)

As well as:

“… Temptation is worse than murder. They (the infidels) will not stop fighting you until they turn you away from your religion, if they can. And if any of you deviates from his religion and dies as an unbeliever, then his deeds will be in vain both in this world and in the Hereafter. They are inhabitants of Fire and will remain there forever. ” (al-Bakara, verse 217)