From ASUU to Fg: Why would you want to spend money on IPPIS when UTAS is free?

The University Academic Personnel Union (ASUU) has called on the federal government to tell Nigerians why it would prefer to spend money on recruiting employees in the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) when the university’s transparency and accountability system, UTAS, can be used free of charge for the same purpose. …

ASUU National President Professor Biodun Ogunemi announced the trial via chat with Vanguard on Sunday.

He wondered why the government insists on spending scarce public resources on investments that ultimately fell short of expectations.

“We are close to updating the UTAS integrity process. We are interested in why the government insists that IPPIS cannot meet performance expectations. Does it make sense for the government to spend money on IPPIS?

“For everyone listed on the IPPIS platform, they pay money to those who brought the platform. But you don’t have to pay a cent for UTAS. They have to explain to the Nigerians why, despite the country’s economic troubles, they insist on demanding money from the national stock exchange when some people have a better alternative that costs nothing. Of course, something is wrong somewhere, ”he said.

Regarding the government’s statement that the majority of university professors were enrolled in IPPIS, Ogunemi said this was not true.

“According to our polls, no more than a quarter of our members are on the platform. The platform’s few members fall into three categories. The first are those who are close to retirement, or those who are retired, who feel registered, would help protect their rights.

“The second category is the newly hired employees who also felt they wanted to guarantee their jobs, and those who were encouraged to take the job. The government only listed the names of our members on the platform without biometrics made by the listed teachers, and when biometrics are not held, the list is irrelevant.

“If they still boast that our members are on IPPIS, then what teams are they sending to universities to get their members on IPPIS,” he said.

During ASUU’s meeting with the government delegation last week, Ogunemi said that nothing had really been achieved because the issues for discussion had been opened shortly before the meeting ended.

He added that another meeting will take place within a week, but has not yet been able to confirm a date.

ASUU has been on strike since the end of March this year on issues such as revitalizing the university system, creating university visiting groups, implementing the previous agreement reached with the government, among other things, before the IPPIS problem arose.

Source: – Vanguard

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