FRSC and VIO offices in Ochodu, Lagos set on fire

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FRSC and VIO offices in Ochodu, Lagos set on fire

Please, this is an eyewitness account. Plundered property.

If you zoom in on the attached photo, you will see a person carrying a bag on their head. The shipment comes from the VIO office. He caught my eye when I heard him say, “The burden comes from his tax money. Besides this guy, I also saw another guy with a plasma TV stolen from the same office.

Why did the government get into this mess? The government should know that anger reigns in the country. The right thing to do is keep talking and pleading with young people.

We are angry! The government has for many years rejected God’s face for the way it handles the affairs of this country.

Only wisdom will solve this problem.


FRSC and VIO Offices Burn in Ochodu, Lagos

The offices of the Federal Highway Traffic Safety Service and the Vehicle Inspection Unit in the Ochodu district of Lagos were set on fire.

According to eyewitnesses, many cars were burned.

PUNCH ruled that the fire had not yet been extinguished at 14.20.

In addition, the bandits reportedly set fire to the Bus Rapid Transport terminus in Berger, Lagos state.

One of the eyewitnesses, whose name is simply Ola, said: “More than 30 cars were burned. Many confiscated vehicles were also damaged. The whole building is on fire. “

Source: – Punchng