Fulani Christian shares his problems after accepting Christ

Fulani Christian shares his problems after accepting Christ

Twitter user @Musa_B_Musa shared his story of his journey to Christianity and its hardships. Read below:

One faithful Sunday, I left home early in the morning and went to church without my father’s knowledge, not knowing that before returning home someone had already told him that they saw me in the house.

Church. When I come home, my father locked me in a room for 4 days without feeding, only my mother secretly gives me water to drink. There was a day when my father went to a meeting because he is the head of the local government of Fulanis, where we are.

Alive, then my mother took this opportunity and broke the passage block of the room and took me out. He gave me 1,000 and told me to use it as a means of transportation to escape from where we live (Kasuvan Magani) in the Kajuru local government area in Kaduna state.

So I collected 1k and left my wife and daughter there. Upon arrival in the city of Kaduna, I try to approach the church and tell them everything, but they refuse to please me, I implored them to contact anyone who can help, but they ask me

Leave, leave. The second church I approached was the worst, they even say that I am one of the Fulani pastors who kill people in the southern part of Kaduna so the headlines follow me and so I want to lie to them so they hide me, they said to me

Either I have to tell them the truth, or they have to call the police to come and arrest me, I told them that everything is written in the Bible, that yes, let it be yes, and everything that is not, let it be there is nothing more what comes of the devil hearing it from me im

This allowed me to leave, I was devastated, frustrated and confused. I don’t know what to do again, tears are rolling down my face because someone calls me and says that my dad beat my mom to a comma because it helps to escape from home and my dad

I told the security staff that wherever they saw me, they should arrest me because I am one of the gun thieves and kidnappers terrorizing the Abuja / Kaduna Express. Tears keep rolling down my face and approaching churches refuse to listen to me

As I continue to move from church to church, I meet a man who told me that he would not be able to accommodate me, but they would help me and provide me with transportation so that I could leave Kaduna completely, and that is how I managed to escape Kaduna State.

Even after escaping from Kaduna State, none of the churches I approach show concern because I am a Fulani tribal, so I continue to sleep in an unfinished building, I do not move because someone can warm me, I always starving, i dont i got any help when my story

It was shared on Twitter before help even started. This is where I was able to find a small place where I manage and start working on the facility until my wife and daughter are reunited with me, although I have never spent a day or a night since I was born and I married

I had nothing to cook until I became a Christian, but even with that I experienced my calmness that no one can explain … And at the present time none of my relatives know where I am

This is just a small part of my story.

Thank you and stay blessed in Jesus name.

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