Full text of Bukhari’s New Year message to the Nigerians

Full text of Bukhari’s New Year message to the Nigerians


JANUARY 1, 2021

My fellow citizens and women

Firstly, I would like to thank and pay tribute to the Almighty who helped us throughout 2020 and gave us the opportunity to witness the start of the new year. We especially thank God that 2020 was one of the most difficult years since our existence as a nation.

2. The same can be said for all other countries in the world in connection with the challenges posed to our collective humanity by the new COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Recognizing that 2020 has been a very difficult year, we have witnessed this year as a test of our national resilience and ability to cope with these difficult times, as well as instilling new hope to withstand the storms that await us again. in 2021 and beyond.

4. As we celebrate the opportunity before us in this new year 2021, we must also acknowledge the demise of our brothers and sisters who have not yet entered this new year. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

5. We must remember that on October 1, 2020, we also celebrated a historic event – the sixtieth anniversary of our independent and sovereign country. In a spirit of hope and gratitude, I would like to remind us once again that as a country that has come the hard way towards nationality and greatness, we have confused many experts at home and around the world who have never gifted a newborn country that emerged on the world stage. On October 1, 1960, it became possible to live much longer than a few years.

6. Nevertheless, here we are, 61 years for the next October anniversary, and not only are we here, we are standing in the community of nations as one country under the will of God, and we are actively cultivating the indivisible Nigerian spirit that is in us. allowed year after year, decade after decade to resist all rough waters and become stronger and better where others fell and disintegrated. This nation, this Nigeria will survive and prosper.

7. On this road to nationality, we have experienced ups and downs. In fact, 2020 brought with it a multitude of challenges, ranging from security and economic concerns across all regions to understandable protests, which were largely led by our youth and which informed the call for police reform and accountability. This government listened, this government listened, and this government has pledged to meet the five demands of our young people, fully understanding that we all want the best for Nigeria.

8. In the midst of all these problems, I initially promised that, as your elected President and Commander-in-Chief, I would make sure that these current challenges are addressed head-on with renewed resolve and with all the necessary adequacy and urgency. … Your voices have been heard, and we would like to continue to listen to you and all key stakeholders who are committed to the unity of Nigeria to ensure that every region of that country is safe for all of us, while ensuring a secure future. also for the next generation.

9. I would also like to take this New Year’s opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to the people of Nigeria, especially young people who need our collective encouragement and support. To protect this people, we must secure the future of our youth.

10. Our youth are our most valuable natural resource both at home and abroad. Their ingenuity, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are evident to everyone. Many of our young people are successful in various walks of life, including sports, entertainment, information and communication technology, trade, and are recognized worldwide as professionals.

11. As a government, we strive to actively harness the creative energy of our youth. In this regard, we will work with legislators to create a conducive environment to transform their passions into ideas that can be sustained, developed and adapted for all regions. This will open up tremendous opportunities in financial technology, agriculture, business process startups, and the entertainment industry.

12. 2021 will indeed be the year in which we work to strengthen the hopes of our compatriots for a united and progressive Nigeria. This administration will continue to focus on the implementation of key strategic priorities under our SEA (Security, Economy and Anti-Corruption) program. Some of the key priority areas we would like to bring our attention and strengths to include:


13. Renew and reorganize the security apparatus and personnel of the armed forces and police to improve their ability to engage, repel and disrupt operations by both internal and external extremist and criminal groups waging war against our communities in parts of the country.

14. In line with the current security challenges we face as a nation, I would like to reiterate the promise I made recently when our security agents successfully rescued more than 300 of our kidnapped children from the Public Science High School, Kankar. safety.

15. The professionalism shown by our security forces and the cooperation of all stakeholders, both state and federal, that have resulted in the success of the rescue of the boys, are proof that Nigeria has the inherent capacity to resist attacks decisively. terrorists to our citizens.

16. However, we recognize that we need to move quickly to a more proactive and preventive attitude to ensure that such traumatic accidents do not become the norm. Our administration is fully aware of its responsibility to protect the lives and property of all Nigerians, and we are committed to educating and adapting to the evolving threats to our national security and civilian well-being.


17. Our goal is to revitalize the economy through a national economic diversification program that supports the primary goal of national food self-sufficiency. This has helped reduce the rise in food-related inflation and has had a significant positive impact on our food security status during the long months of the pandemic freeze.

18. We are also rebuilding our national infrastructure base, while transforming ourselves by rehabilitating, modernizing and expanding the railway system, national roads and bridges in both rural and urban centers, close to airports and seaports.

19. The reforms we have implemented in the energy sector will enhance the effectiveness of our drive to dramatically expand the production and distribution of electricity for domestic and industrial use.

20. As an administration, we are currently undertaking a number of special activities to promote job creation and support the entrepreneurial aspirations of our young people.

21. With the recent opening of our borders, we expect that constrained demand for legitimate international and cross-border trade will increase the fortunes of many small and agricultural enterprises that depend on Nigeria’s trade and commerce.

22. The message to our West African neighbors is that Nigeria is once again fully open to those who want to do business fairly and justly.


23. Building on the anti-corruption efforts of our administration, we have made significant improvements so far, and this year we pledge to continue on the path to eradicating corruption, working with all public funds to effectively conduct this fight.

24. While we will work with legislators to pass laws that would intensify this fight, we would also like to revise some of our laws to make this fight more effective. As for the executive branch, we ensure that corruption cases are prosecuted thoroughly and in a timely manner, while working with the judiciary to ensure that corruption cases are resolved quickly.

25. The persistence of different forms of violence means that in the hardest hit parts of the country, the fabric of intercommunal harmony woven through years of efforts to build trust, mutual respect and harmony is under threat.

26. Insecurity as a problem has direct consequences for the stability, growth and development of the national economy, returning us to critical moments due to the destruction of public and private investment.

27. In parts of the country where chronic poverty, social exclusion and youth frustration are already a problem, cycles of violence unleashed by thoughtless groups such as Boko Haram and others are hampering efforts. government to pursue social policies and related investments that can significantly affect the quality of life of our citizens.

28. I am aware that for some of our compatriots the progress that we have made since the beginning of this reign is not as fast and sufficient as they would like. I do not blame them for their opinions, as they represent a desire that we all share, only the best for our country.

29. However, I urge all Nigerians to carefully recall the circumstances of our settlement, the facts on the ground and the resources available to us since 2015 with the findings of this administration.

30. As a people, we have demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of all adversity, an unprecedented ability to quickly recover from any setback, an unprecedented generosity of spirit in resolving our differences and a constant willingness to invest faith and hope in a destiny that we share as a single country built on the diversity of our peoples. …

31. It is these attributes that underpin the Nigerian can-do, do-do spirit that give me hope that we will still have to arrive at our destination and fulfill our calling together, especially with the strong resolutions we are adopting in this new year.

32. The promotion of our country is our common duty. As such, in protecting our country from the COVID-19 recovery cycle as this administration finalizes its plans to procure and distribute COVID-19 vaccines efficiently and effectively, I urge all fellow citizens to abide by strict rules. Prevention of COVID-19.

33. As your president-elect, I promise you as always; I will do my part in full and without fear or preference. I encourage all of us to do the same. This is what we owe to the generation of the founders of our beloved country, as well as to the next generation. This is what we want for national prosperity for all.

34. Long live the Nigerian spirit of unity, solidarity and unity. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I wish you a happy and happy New Year.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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