Funeral of JP Ejere: Omoaefe Ejere buries his father (images)

Burial of JP Ejere: Omoaefe Ejere buries his father (images)

A few days ago, the body of the late Captain JP Ejere (Rtd), father of Mr. Omoaefe Ejere, General Manager of Grand Cubana Hotels, was buried in a very intense burial ceremony attended by dignitaries and personalities. from all over Nigeria. Speaking to a StatePress reporter, Omoafe Ejere expressed gratitude for the support his family received for properly burying his late father.

Omoaefe Ejere thanked God for the success of the ceremony and expressed special gratitude to several important institutions and people, including his boss, President of the Cubana Group, Mr. Obi Yiegbu and his beautiful wife, Barr. Ebele Yiegbu, Mrs. Nk, her directors, Sir Amobi, Sir Dave, President of the GU Ebeco Group, my mentor, prof. Steve Azayki, OON, Member of the Federal House of Representatives and Daniel Oniko, Head of Heritage Bank.

Others who made a huge contribution to this event were the leaders of Isoko South and North (Delta State), the president of the Damotek group (Oleg), Major General Njoku, the Kuban group, Efe’s friends, brothers, family, relatives, roar. , RCCG Asaba, Dr. Jay Osey, Amb Elijah, Hotel Apparel, Restaurant 805, Arik Airlines, Chairman of Isoko South LGA, Kome and Authentic.

Omoefe also thanked everyone who supported financially, with prayer and presence. However, he prayed for the endless mercies of God, continuing to bless and expand your coast, we are once again grateful to him. Mr. Ejere, however, stated that he was very sorry to lose such an icon and an eagle, but pointed out that his father, the late Captain J.P. Ejere (RTD), did live a fulfilling life and died a glorious death. … A fun and glamorous celebration honoring the late Captain J.P. Ejere (Rtd) was held at Bethesda Christian School, No. 7, Bethesda Avenue, Irri Community in Isoko Local Government, Delta State.

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