Garba Shehu: Bukhari avoids the incident with Lekki until the facts are established

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Garba Shehu: Bukhari avoids the incident with Lekki until the facts are established

As a judicial commission of inquiry set up by the government of Lagos, one of more than a dozen states that has done so, kicks off on Monday, President @MBuhari has expressed his full support and optimism that this will help the nation restore justice to the lost protesters. … lives, security personnel are killed and property owners whose assets have been vandalized and looted.

The president, who said he always avoided debating the incidents at the toll station in Lecchi until the facts were clear, called on people across the country to keep peace and brotherhood like a machine. Governments and the wheel of justice are turning against those responsible for murder, arson, theft, rape, assault and malicious damage to public and private property.

The President warns that peace, brotherhood and harmony between communities are central to our ethos and urges Nigerians to “not rebel against each other with hatred”.

He said it is important that the police and other security agencies move everywhere in order to restore calm and normalcy as soon as possible.

President Bukhari said while his administration is working hard for many pragmatic ways to alleviate the hardships of millions of unemployed, disadvantaged citizens and those whose lives have been thrown into chaos by the dire economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. , warned that the use of mass attacks and organized robbery and plunder of public and private property in many states are enemies of the public good and are doomed.

A government that has launched a massive crackdown on corruption, has introduced tough laws to decisively fight corruption, is seeking the return of production at home and abroad, and has taken decisive decisions against those who considered themselves above the law, he will not cross his arms when a legitimate and peaceful protest turns into vandalism and robbery.

While the administration, for its part, has blocked so many means of plundering public money, it is expected that all civil authorities, communities and religious leaders in the country will rise up against the organized looting and looting that we see in some parts. country. …

In addition, the criminal activities that we have seen so far can undermine and undermine the confidence of our citizens and foreign companies to invest in the economy.
Looting and vandalism will harm trade and investment in our country, both large and small industries, and our hardworking people in the informal economy.
These incidents reflect badly on any society.

They are wrong and condemnable and should not be supported by intelligent members of society.
In line with this, President Bukhari endorses the decision of the Lagos State Department of Justice to prosecute 229 suspects arrested by the police for allegedly using the #EndSARS protest to destroy and loot public and private property.

As mentioned in two subsequent statements on these issues, the president and his administration have taken note of people’s discontent. “We heard you loud and clear,” he said and showed a strong determination to take all the necessary steps to resolve complaints.

However, the violence must end.
President Bukhari also condemned hate messages and eviction warnings against ethnic and religious groups, in which Nigerians are asked to be proud that our different peoples have coexisted in harmony with each other for centuries.

The right of all citizens to live and work in any part of the country is a constitutional right and will be protected by the government.