Gbajabiamila: Time to sit down and see if the government keeps its promises

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Gbajabiamila: Time to sit down and see if the government keeps its promises

House Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila said it was time for EndSARS protesters to sit down and see if the government will deliver on its promise to reform the police.

The EndSARS protests, ongoing in many parts of the country since last week, have exposed “the fetid underside of our country’s police system,” he said.

Gbajabiamila spoke on Thursday during the opening of the National Assembly’s Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Constitution.

“In addition to any other changes that may be caused by these protests, they exposed the fetid underside of our country’s police system.

“We now understand better why our federal police often fail to respond effectively to localized insecurity in different parts of our country.

“The simple truth is that we have a police force that does not trust people / a police system that does not create productive partnerships between the police / communities they serve. However, for those of us out there, we have to be careful not to lose the plot.

“The Inspector General of Police heard you and said. The Chamber has spoken even before and continues to speak. The President said unambiguously and clearly. It’s time to sit down and see what happens.

“I believe that the Hand of God is on this nation. The essence was clarified and the government in all its layers reacted. Let’s relax and see if the government is doing what it promised. Wherein I have all the assurances / as your speaker, I give you these assurances, ”said the speaker.

Earlier in his speech, Gbajabiamila instructed the Constitutional Review Group to listen to as many votes as possible during its work.

He told the committee, chaired by Vice President Ahmed Wasa, to make sure the committee takes into account the expectations of various constituencies among Nigerians.

Gbajabiamila said: “Dear Mr. President, distinguished members of this commission, I do not envy the huge amount of work that you have ahead of you. However, I know that you have a tremendous opportunity to fulfill this important assignment and fulfill our shared obligations to the people of Nigeria.

“During this assignment, I encourage you to seek and listen to as many voices as possible. Engage with as many stakeholder groups as possible, reject misinformation, document our people’s stories, and accommodate their expectations.

“The Chamber is starting the process of revising the constitution at a time of great and ongoing turmoil in our country.

“Since then, this ninth @HouseNGR has been committed to reform. Our commitment should not lead us to a thoughtful and just revision of our constitution.

“Electoral reforms are not a question of a political party, it is a question of loyalty to an ideal that is higher than the party to which he belongs, or personal ambitions that each of us may have.”

Source: – Ripplesnigeria