Ghanaian women cry bitterly as their Nigerian partner “runs away” with a baby

Ghanaian women cry bitterly as their Nigerian partner “runs away” with a baby

Ghanaian Magdalene Hackman sought help after her partner Udoka Ezeimo allegedly fled Lagos with her three-year-old son.

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The woman accused the police from the M district, Idima, of supporting domestic violence, asking her to return home and make peace with Ezeimo, who “attacked her.”

Hackman said the police, instead of investigating the matter, have dragged and discriminated against her since she filed a complaint about domestic violence and child abduction.

Her plight was referred to the Children’s and Vulnerable Persons Rights Advocates Network (ACVPN). She regretted that the M-Zone commander had asked her to return to Ezeimo, because he had promised she would never hit her again.

ACVPN secretary Ebenezer Omejalile, who criticized the police for the conduct of the case, said Ezeimo was asked to take the child to the Idimu police station but never showed up.

He said: “Ezeimo and Magdalene were also brought before the commander of the M area, and it was shocking that this commander decided to be biased because he saw nothing wrong with what Ezeimo had done. The zone commander asked the woman to return to Ezeimo, who publicly insulted her because she was a gank, and with so much violence recorded in the report.

“How can he ask a woman who has been abused and traumatized to return to that relationship?”

Ezeimo said the case had already been sent to the police and he had nothing more to add.

Lagos Police Department spokesman Olumuywa Adejobi said the district commander was only trying to resolve the issue peacefully because Ezeimo said Hackman wanted to return to Ghana with their child.

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