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WATCH VIDEO BELOW! Globalist Puppet Biden’s Declaration Of War Against The 2nd Amendment Is An ACT OF TREASON, He Must Be Impeached NOW

Alex Jones presents video footage of Biden and other democrats attacking the right of American citizens to bear arms- an open act of treason against the Constitution of the United States- and he calls for the impeachment of the fraudulent 46th President of the United States. Also, Jenna Ellis, legal advisor to Donald Trump, joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss 2020 election fraud and Trump’s future run for President in 2024.

In the fourth and final hour, Jay Dyer of JaysAnalysis.com gives an overview of the once hidden history of Bilderberg and the people who called the meeting into being.


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  1. I could not agree more. He and all of the rest of the anti America lefts should have dealt with and done a long time ago. Dragging this out is costing us even more money. Let’s end this.

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