Governor Bauchi pleads with Christians for COVID-19 vaccine

Governor Bauchi pleads with Christians for COVID-19 vaccine

Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed lamented the alleged refusal of most Christians in the state to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Governor, speaking Saturday night at the launch of the second round of COVID-19 vaccinations at Government House in Bauchi, urged the federal government to work with states to allocate resources to procure vaccines to fully reach our citizens. …

He said, “Here I want to call my Christian brothers. I am surprised, but not pleased, that most of them refused to show up, especially the members, because of this campaign of defamation of the population and demographics. They said they wouldn’t.

“Please don’t expect this from them, because they are the most enlightened of our population, and if they don’t show up, followers really won’t show up.

“I am very glad that the alims, including Sheikh Dahira Bauchi, all the emirs, all the imams, including the chief imam, and indeed all the ustaz came to this (vaccination). Therefore, I want my brothers and priests to follow the example of our ulema, so that they lead by example and that we have full coverage.

“They have not been vaccinated, except for the officials of the Christian Pilgrim Welfare Council, and that will leave us out of the next (pilgrimage) exercise. I have to say that in order not to blame the Bauchi government in the end. “

He called on the Christian leadership to meet with the state government to discuss the matter, saying the government does not want any exceptions.

Earlier, the executive chairman of the State Agency for the Development of Primary Health Care in Bauchi, Dr. Rilwan Mohammed, called on the governor to take over the Christian community in the state, pointing out that their refusal to vaccinate had caused the state to fail.

He said the state received a total of 105,020 doses of COVID-19 vaccine and vaccinated at least 47,290 people.

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