Governor Jide Sanvo-Olu apologizes to Lagosians

Posted by on Oct 23, 2020, Under: News

Governor Jide Sanvo-Olu apologizes to Lagosians

We mourn the victims in the state. I sincerely apologize to the families that we could better protect.

We also cry to the police and law enforcement agencies who have lost their members. Every life is important to us. And we don’t take anyone for granted.

I was on Arise TV, where I talked about the efforts that we are making to bring us back to normal. I mentioned my call to the president, after which the head of defense called us to make sure we were helping to restore security in our state.

Lagos will be stronger. We will rebuild bridges, continue the good work we have begun to end police brutality and ensure justice.

The unfortunate incident that took place served as a catalyst that sparked anger and looting from thugs across the state. False news and bait are also spreading on social media, causing further chaos. We sincerely apologize for all losses.

We are working to stabilize the state by trying to restore it. The state team works with hospitals and emergency services to verify the details of all individuals involved in incidents across the state.

I understand that the characters are high, but we are starting to get a clearer picture of what brought us to this moment, and I want to ask us to be careful to avoid further losses and to evoke other feelings. Do not encourage conflict with innocent but inflammatory words and parody.

In our work to end police brutality, our group is ready to get started. We want to achieve justice and, to the best of our ability, provide compensation to victims.
We encourage young people to provide 2 representatives to the jury.

I want to plead with the Lagos to unite for true reconciliation to create a better and stronger Lagos.

Lagos is a center of excellence, a symbol of national pride, and we must protect it.
Again, I apologize for everything that went wrong over the past few days.

This is my Lagos, your Lagos, our Lagos.

We will protect our home.

God bless the state of Lagos