Governor of Ugwuani condemns acts of violence and crime in Enugu

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Governor of Ugwuani condemns acts of violence and crime in Enugu

EndSARS #UPDATE Protests: Governor of Ugwuani addresses Enugu residents

* Empathize with the victims of the protests

* Condemns acts of violence and crimes in the state

… As the 24-hour curfew continues tomorrow, Friday, October 23rd

Enugu State Governor Ifeani Ugwuani spoke to the people of the state on Thursday about the villains’ deplorable hijacking of peaceful #EndSARS protests, resulting in violence, crime and the destruction of public and private property.

The Governor of Ugwuani, who condemned the acts of violence and crimes committed by thugs, sympathized with the victims of violent protests.

The governor then issued an appeal “for the young people of Enugu, caught up in chaos, with a great passion to rethink, withdraw and allow the measures taken to solve our collective problems to be resolved.”

He reported that his administration has established a Judicial Inquiry Commission to investigate allegations of police brutality and / or related extrajudicial killings in the state, confirming that a 24-hour curfew has been imposed in local government areas in eastern Enugu and North Enugu. and Enugu South, the state is still active.

Addressing the protesting youth, the governor said: “Let’s reclaim our peaceful Coal City from the hijackers of peaceful demonstrators and perpetrators of violence and crime who do not represent our collective desires.”

Urging parents and guardians to prevent their charges from committing any illegal actions, as well as traditional rulers, religious leaders and stakeholders to help calm their torn nerves, Governor of Ugwuani said that “Enugu is our common heritage. , our home, and we deserve to live, work and enjoy in it. “

Enugu’s condition is in the hands of God!