Governor of Ugwuani swears in 6 new judges, chief judge praises governor

Governor of Ugwuani swears in 6 new judges, chief judge praises governor

The Chief Justice of Enugu State The Honorable Judge Priscilla Ngozi Emehelu paid tribute to Governor Ifeani Ugwuani for his administration’s commitment to creating critical infrastructure for the state judiciary to effectively discharge its duties in the state.

Hon. Judge Emehelu, who spoke during the Governor’s swearing-in of six new judges in the state’s judiciary, said that prior to Governor Ugwuani’s rule, “the Enugu state judiciary could not get any time to meet.”

Calling the new judges’ oath of office historic, Chief Justice Enugu noted that it is significant to note that the state’s judicial system under the current administration has trained fifteen (15) judges from 2016 to the present.

Emehelu thanked the Governor of Ugwuani for making this event possible, stressing that it would not have been possible had it not been for his administration’s massive infrastructural interventions in the state’s judicial system, especially in “providing all the necessary conditions for these appointments.”

According to her, “The National Judicial Council (NJC) committee came and checked what we had in place and, satisfied, they gave us the green light, which culminated in the exercise we are doing today. I want to say a big thank you to Governor Ifeani Ugwuani for making this possible. ”

Post-Oath Address to Martha Nkiru Aro-Onuoha, Esq. Paul Chukwuemeka Ugwese, Esq; Hyacinthia Urunwa Ezugwu, Esq. Juliet Uchenna Mogboch, Esq, and Okey Paulinus Anike, Esq, as judges of the High Court in Enugu State, and Richard Emeka Ogbodo, Ph.D., Esq., As Judge of the State Court of Appeal for Ordinary Cases, Governor Ugwuani explained. that this action was a consequence of his endorsement of the recommendations of the National Judicial Council (NCC) in accordance with subsection 2 of Article 271 and subsection 2 of Article 281 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The governor, who lamented the difficulties posed by the shortage of judges, stressed that the appointment of new judges was “a timely relief for the Enugu State judiciary and residents of the state.”

Highlighting his administration’s recent major interference with the judiciary, Governor Ugwuani said he has transferred ownership of a completely renovated state court headquarters complex in Enugu, a new High Court building, eleven new magistrates’ court buildings, two new buildings. open registry, the new headquarters building of the Customs Court of Appeal, 34 new standard court buildings (two in each local government area) and other necessary tools and equipment, which, he said, “will be complemented by these appointments for more efficient dispatch and speedy administration of justice in Enugu State. “

The Governor then congratulated the new judges on their well-deserved appointment and instructed them to use their experience and the necessary authority to fulfill their new responsibilities.

On behalf of the other newly sworn in judges, The Honorable. Judge Aro-Onuoha thanked God and the Governor of Ugwuani for the elevation.

He also thanked the Governor for his administration’s unprecedented intervention in the judiciary, stating: “Fifteen judges have been appointed over four years; yard buildings were overhauled and new ones were built.

Aro-Onuoha did his best to thank the Chief Justice of the state for his motivation and support, including others who contributed to their achievement.

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