Governor Ogun Abiodun got involved in land grab scandal, using police to harass and intimidate owner

Governor Ogun Abiodun got involved in land grab scandal, using police to harass and intimidate owner

According to SaharaReporters, Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun was charged with blatant impersonation, assault and murder on land owned by a certain estuary Alhaji Auvalu in Lagos state.

It was discovered that the governor, in an effort to obtain land by force for his company, Heyden Petroleum Limited, destroyed millions of naira properties, using police and other security forces to attack the landowner and residents.

The attack reportedly killed some people and injured others.

Sahara Reporter has learned that a land plot of approximately 2,893.2288 meters is located in Iddo Foreshore, Iddo, in the state of Lagos.

Prior to the threats, Heyden Petroleum Limited approached Lyman several times with a request to relinquish his property in exchange for monetary compensation – an offer he vehemently rejected.

It was alleged that the company then threatened to take the property without compensation.

On April 3, a manager at Heyden Petroleum Limited, along with three police officers from the Lagos State Environmental Task Force, invaded the property and posted a notice asking Lyman to leave the premises within 7 days without explaining any wrongdoing.

On April 11, 2021, it was alleged that heavily armed security personnel from the Lagos State Environmental Task Force had invaded property, destroyed Lyman’s office, meetinghouse and other valuables.

According to Liman’s lawyer, the police simply explained that they acted this way because the property was contested by Dapo Abiodun’s Heyden Petroleum Limited and that Alhaji Auvalu Liman Kano had no right to be there.

Once again, on Monday 12 April 2021, Liman’s representatives, including his lawyers, Iyan Udoema and Sergeant Aliya, visited the task force’s office in Oshodi, Lagos to investigate the cause of the invasion.

They met with the chairman of the task force, CSP Shola Jejela.

According to them, Jedzheloye also told the delegation that the reason for the invasion was that the property was contested by Heyden Petroleum Limited and that Alhaji Auvalu Liman Kano had no right to be there.

It turned out that Heyden Petroleum Limited had made desperate attempts to lease the land property to any interested party. An internal source from Heyden Petroleum Limited (which relied on anonymity) also confirmed this to SaharaReporters.

Following the invasion of the Lagos State Task Force in April of this year, a certain Michael, an agent of Heyden Petroleum Limited, sold the land to some people known to Alhaji Liman (the rightful owner of the land), and he persuaded them to lease the land, promising potential buyers that the Governor of Ogun Abiodun uses his political influence to drive Lyman out of his property.

It was also alleged that seven people: Nasiru Mohammed, Umar Garba, Babangida Ibrahim, Mohammed Lifia, Abdullahi Balaklava, Dan Fulani, Bashir Idris were killed since February 3, 2016, when the problems began.

Ten others: Ayuba Imrana, Ibrahim Abdul, Gambo Abdullahi, Khamisu Daud, Bala Daud, Baba Mairake, Tsoho Mairake, Usaini Adamu, Ahmad Abdullahi, Bashir Sale were seriously injured at various times during attacks by police officers. police and other security services at the request of the Governor of Ogun State and his company, Heyden Petroleum Limited.

It became known that on February 3, 2016, the Lagos State Environmental Task Force, at the insistence of Governor Abiodun and his company, invaded the territory of Liman at about 2 am and attacked workers and other businessmen and women. Legitimate companies that worked on land plots.

Property worth millions of naira was destroyed.

This led to the main human rights lawsuit brought by Lyman’s lawyers in case #: FHC / L / CS / 1696/2016 in the Lagos Federal High Court.

Despite this, in desperate but unsuccessful attempts to expropriate Liman’s property, Abiodun and his company Hayden Petroleum continued to harass workers, using police and other security forces to arrest and illegally detain them.

“A land plot of approximately 2,893.2288 m, located in Iddo, Lagos State, is legally occupied by Alhaji Auvalu Liman Kano, who has been running his legitimate business on the land since 1976.

“Auvalu Liman, who has been legally occupying land property since 1976 and paying rent to the local Apap government that ruled the property, has been threatened and has survived several attacks by the Governor of Ogun State, who intends to seize the land. possession by brute force, using the Nigerian police.

“We have been receiving payment receipts for Apap local government from Alhadzhi Auvalu Liman since 1976.

“Following the transfer of ownership by the federal government of Nigeria through the Nigerian Railway Corporation, Alhaji Auvalu Liman was licensed and leased by letter dated October 7, 1994.

“Later, when the Federal Ministry of Construction and Housing became the property of Iddo Foreshore, the ministry ratified Alhaji Auvalu Liman’s lease.

“In a letter dated April 22, 1997, the Federal Ministry of Labor and Housing granted additional rent, subject to the payment of the annual rent that Auvalu Liman had been paying to the federal government for many years,” lawyer L. Liman told our correspondent. …

It was also alleged that Alhaji Auvalu Liman Kano was still paying annual rent to the federal government of Nigeria.

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