Governors looking for state police, restructuring is now 23

Governors looking for state police, restructuring is now 23

Twenty-three governors agreed to a request for restructuring following yesterday’s decision by governors elected on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Six governors of the NDP North joined the protests of 17 governors of the South, who also called for national dialogue and police decentralization during a meeting in Asaba last week.

The governors of the PDP are Aminu Tambuval (Sokoto), Dairus Ishaku (Taraba), Samuel Ortom (Benue), Ahmadu Fintiri (Adamawa), Balla Mohammed (Bauchi) and Bello Mattavale (Zamfara).

In several places, Governors Nasir el-Rufai (Kaduna), Abdullahi Ganduje (Kano), Bello Masari (Katsina) and Babagana Zulum (Borno) have reiterated their demand for the transfer of police powers to allow governors, who are key state security officers, to effectively solve the problem of insecurity.

It became known yesterday that 36 governors are planning a joint meeting to discuss the state of the nation, in particular, the deteriorating security situation.

The Arewa Advisory Forum (ACF) echoed a call by southern governors to ban outdoor grazing, pointing out that the activities of some unscrupulous pastoralists invading farms and destroying crops are unacceptable.

In addition, the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) has called for legislation to support the governors’ resolution on open pastures.

The Oodua Youth Coalition (OYC) in a statement called on the governors of the South to expedite the implementation of Asaba’s resolution.

However, former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Chibudom Nwuche called for a joint meeting of the governors of the south and north to find a common position on Asaba’s declaration.

Following a meeting in Ibadan, the state capital of Oyo, NDP governors called on President Mohammad Bukhari to immediately submit a constitutional amendment bill to the National Assembly to delegate more powers to states so they can be protected by the state police.

NDP governors also joined the southern governors on banning outdoor grazing in calling on the president to convene a meeting of the Nigeria Police Council, which includes the president, all governors and other important stakeholders, to develop and implement strategies to address threats to the national unity.

The invitation was part of a six-point communiqué issued following the PDP Governors Forum meeting held at the Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan.

The meeting was attended by twelve governors. These are: Udom Emmanuel (Akwa Ibom State), Duje Diri (Bayelsa), Orthom (Benue) and Ifeani Okova (Delta).

Others are Ifeani Ugwuani (Enugu), Niesom Vike (Rivers), Seyi Makinda (Oyo), Ahmadu Fintiri (Adamawa), Godwin Obaseki (Edo), Bala Mohammed (Bauchi) and Deputy Governor Mahdi Mohd (Zamfara).

NDP governors called on the federal government to take bold and targeted action to defuse tensions in the country and focus on projects and policies that promote national unity and cohesion.

The Chairman of the Forum, Governor of Tambuval, read out a statement after the closed-door meeting, which lasted about three hours.

He said that the essence of the consultative meeting was to further review the state of the nation and take practical steps to address the deteriorating security situation and change the economic situation.

The communiqué reads, “The meeting called on the President, as Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, to promptly submit to the National Assembly a bill to amend the Nigerian Constitution to empower the state with respect to security measures culminating in a state police and general security architecture.

In the meantime, the President should convene an immediate meeting of the Nigeria Police Council, which includes the President, governors of all states and other important stakeholders, to develop and implement strategies to address the current threats to our union, in particular with regard to the police. The participants in the meeting agreed that the police remain a suitable institution for ensuring our democracy and should not be personally attacked. Priority should be given to the welfare, training, equipment and funding of all security services.

“The meeting supports the previous position taken by the Forum of Governors of Nigeria, the Forum of Governors of the North and more recently the Forum of Governors of the South, on the adoption of farming as the most viable solution to conflicts between herders / farmers in Nigeria; restructuring of the Nigerian federation to delegate additional powers and functions to states; and reform of various civil institutions to achieve efficiency and equity for all sectors of Nigeria.

“The meeting calls on all Nigerians to work together to achieve peace and harmony among them, without discrimination on ethnic, religious and other grounds. To this end, the meeting participants called on the incompetent and unmanageable PCA government to take bold and deliberate steps to ease and reduce tensions in our country and focus on projects and policies that will strengthen and promote national unity and cohesion.

“The meeting reiterated our previous call for the National Assembly to expedite the adoption of an electoral law that will ensure free and fair elections, including provisions for electronic accreditation and electronic transmission of votes.

ACF did not oppose the ban on grazing outdoors

Supporting the call for a ban on outdoor grazing, ACF President and former Minister of Agriculture, head of Audu Ogbe, said in a statement: “The ACF sees no reason to object to a decision in the best interest of all.

According to him, “the crisis stems from the belief of most shepherds that they are free to enter any farm, devour the crop and rape or kill anyone who objects. Nobody and society can accept this.

“Harry’s current high price tag is one of the obvious reasons for this behavior. Few cassava farms fail to reach maturity before being harvested by farmers. So food security is already under threat. “

However, Ogbe advised the governors not to think that a simple ban on outdoor grazing would end the crisis.

He added: “Most aggressive pastors are those who march in large numbers from neighboring African countries, thousands at a time, and show no respect for national or regional boundaries. They need to be stopped.

“Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the Umar Abdullahi Ganduja formula to stop the entry of cattle from West Africa into Nigeria. The solution is for Nigeria to ask for an amendment to Article 3 of the ECOWAS Protocol, especially regarding the free movement of cattle and other animals without special permits.

“If this is done, we will be left with over five million hectares of land in old pastures, which is enough to support over 40 million cows if they are well covered with grass and watered.

Ogbe added: “The Governor of the North should immediately look into this and see the feasibility. Ranches can be built in these areas to lease to Nigerian shepherds to address this issue. Later, any shepherd caught roaming can be fined.

“Our ECOWAS neighbors can find ways to solve their problems as they see fit. We can turn to AFDB, the EU World Bank or Kuwait Fund for support, or any source wishing to support us in solving this problem. To launch abuse, exchange suspicions and threaten war, which is the current trend, will only bring pain and disaster. “

The CLO in Akwa Ibom state has called for legislation to support the southern governors’ decision to stop grazing in the region.

He called on governors to force their houses of assembly to initiate a law prohibiting shepherds from opening pastures.

In a statement by its President Franklin Isong and fellow secretary Christopher Ekpo in Uyo, the state capital, the group condemned the recent attacks and killings of state security agents.

The former vice-president of the Nwuche representatives has called a joint meeting of the governors of the south and north to consider Asaba’s resolutions.

Nvuche said that the joint meeting became necessary for the governors to find a common position on the resolutions.

The former vice president, in a statement in Abuja, said the meeting would strengthen national unity, equality, justice and fair play between the constituent parts of Nigeria.

He also thanked the governors of the North for the various meetings they have held to strengthen the unity of the North and chart a common course for the northern region.

In addition, youth in the Southwest under the auspices of the OYC have called on six governors to implement the Asaba Delcaration.

The young people said that the leaders of the North must understand that the dangerous situation in the country requires an urgent and radical solution.

OYC President Comrade Olui Tayo, speaking at a press conference in Akura, the capital of Ondo State, called on President Bukhari to act in accordance with the declaration.

He said that Gov. Yahai Bello’s attack on Asaba’s declaration was aimed at creating an imaginary battle between the president and the southern governors.

He said, “Expecting these governors to remain true to their demands and consider its logical conclusion, we ask the governors of the Southwest to implement these proposals and positions in their respective states to ensure fairness and equity.”

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