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WATCH VIDEO BELOW! Great Reset: Politicians Scramble To Disarm Americans Ahead Of Rigged Economic Collapse – FULL SHOW

Watch the video below and hear the full explanation.

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  1. If DEMONcrats can get away with all this CRAP going on now when we have millions of people with guns, I can’t imagine when they take our guns away. We know now neither the military or police will not do anything about it when it comes to serve and protect.

  2. We are entering the Great Tribulation the good k speaks of. JEUS said that unless these days are cut short no one will survive no one. Armegeddon is about to happen Jehovah n his son will bring to end we this evil world n destroy the evil one of Satan his organization is here on earth is the United Nations pray pray for Jehovah to forgive us all may god have mercy on us all. Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

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