Guide: how to choose a wedding date?

Posted by on Sep 24, 2020, Under: Daily Tips

how to choose a wedding date?

What do brides think about first? About a dress or rings? The main question is when is the wedding? There are 365 days in a year, one of which may become the most important. We help you not to get lost in the calendar and tell you in detail how to choose a wedding date.

Suitable season

First, decide what kind of weather should be on the day of the holiday. Do you want to get married among the green trees or dream of a romantic photo shoot in the fluffy snowdrifts? Any time of the year is suitable for a wedding, but do not forget about the peculiarities of each:

  • In summer it is warm and sunny, there is a lot of greenery around and you do not need to wrap yourself in scarves. The disadvantage of summer is its popularity, so sites are booked almost nine months in advance, and contractors’ prices are often higher than at other times of the year.
  • Autumn is cozy and romantic, and photo sessions against the background of golden and crimson leaves turn out to be fabulous. The main problem is the weather, no one guarantees that there will be heavy rain or hail. In addition, in September the wedding season is still in full swing, you can not expect discounts.
  • winter wedding is suitable for those who love this time of year and want to save money , because some contractors and venues in winter reduce the minimum order or do not increase prices until the next hot season. It’s sad, but the weather can also let down, and it’s not even frost, which makes you breathless, but slush and complete absence of snow. When planning which wedding date to choose, remember that February is most likely to see drifts.
  • In spring, nature wakes up, and people come to life after winter. In addition, thousands of couples do not get married in the last month of spring, keeping in mind the idea of “getting married in May – toil all my life” , so you can use other people’s prejudices for your own good. The disadvantage of this time of year is inconsistency, there is no guarantee that it will be warm by the desired date.

Day of week

Think about whether you want to play a wedding on a weekend or are you ready to settle for a weekday? Weekend prices are higher, and the choice of sites and contractors is much less. At the same time, not all guests will be able to join the holiday in the middle of the week, and it will be difficult to go to work the next morning.

Holidays and Fasts

When thinking about how to choose a wedding date, do not forget about holidays and Church fasts. You may not observe Great Lent, but some guests will disagree with you, considering it inappropriate to arrange a magnificent celebration at this time.

Holidays loved by everyone are insidious. On the one hand, they are usually non-working, on the other hand, prices for restaurants and services of presenters often go off scale at this time, especially during New Year’s corporate parties.

Beautiful dates

Even those who say openly that it doesn’t matter feel satisfied when their marriage certificates show off pretty numbers – what can we say about the rest? Such days are quickly sorted out in registries and restaurants, so hurry up. You can find a list of beautiful dates for the current year in our Bride Helper (as well as get all the information you need to organize your wedding).

Superstitions – how to choose a wedding date without them?

Wedding on the 13th? Friday the 13th? Friday May 13th? And even in a leap year? Are you out of your mind? 🙂 It’s easy to deal with prejudices. If you believe, do not take the dates that confuse you. Well, if you think they are stupid, let the fears of others fill your head.

Site availability

Finding a proper wedding venue is more difficult than changing the date. We urge you not to choose the day completely until you decide on the site. It so happens that the restaurant you like is busy on the right day, but is available a week later – it’s easier to change the date than to find another place.

Finally, we remind you that the happiness of a family depends on the relationship and efforts of the couple, and not on the numbers in the documents.