Gumi must be praised, Nigerians must stop blaming him: the parents of Kaduna’s kidnapped students

According to The PUNCH, the parents of the kidnapped students of the Afaka Federal College of Forestry Mechanization in Kaduna state instead of an accusing finger point to the Islamic scholar Ahmad Gumi that they are complicit in banditry. that ruins the country. The Nigerians should thank the cleric for his intervention in seeking the release of the people abducted in the country.

They also said that the government and security forces know where the bandits and their children are, but lack the willpower to rescue them from the kidnappers’ lair.

This was announced on Wednesday during the PUNCH Online Round Table interview program by parent spokesperson Friday Sunny.

PUNCH previously reported that 39 schoolchildren were kidnapped by gunmen in the state on March 11, 2021. Of the 39 students, 10 have already been released, 29 of them have remained.

On Tuesday, parents protested in the National Assembly, calling on the federal government to help them secure the release of their children.

From Zamfara to Niger states, Gumi has been chatting with bandits, urging the government to grant them a global amnesty as well. The priest, who said the bandits are waging an inter-ethnic war, also recently recommended the creation of special courts to prosecute bandits and kidnappers, but since then many Nigerians have accused the cleric of involvement with the bandits.

However, speaking on PUNCH on Wednesday, a spokesman for the parents of Afaki’s kidnapped students said that Gumi should be applauded for his performances, not laughing at him.

Sunny, who has two daughters in the kidnappers’ den, said: “Honorable Sheikh, we want to praise him. We went to see him and when we got to him that day, he actually told us about his problems with government officials in Kaduna state and some Nigerians accusing him of having ties to bandits, that he was one of the obstacles. knows how to end banditry.

“He felt that the message of Islam needed to be conveyed to the people ravaging this whole place, and he contacted them and made an appointment, went with them to the savannah and preached to them, and then he really understood them that they were doing wrong, that everyone a well-meaning Nigerian can praise him for that, but we don’t.

“When the (kidnapping) incident happened in some states outside of Kaduna, he was able to contact the bandits, talk to them and mediate between them and their families or the state governments, and they were able to fix it.
“But people ask questions; how did he know where I was? Even you (the interviewer) as you are, if you are interested in knowing where the bandits are, you will know this place. Remember, he made a statement that the government was asking how he would know where they were and said the government also knew where they were.

“Since this cleric is going to tell the Nigerians about what is happening in the country, some people have unnecessary hatred for him, and that is why we are where we are, because we do not want to hear the truth.”

Sunny also expressed his gratitude to God, saying that although the thugs are demanding a ransom for the release of the students, they are still alive. He added that he and other parents recently spoke with their children.

Lately, Kaduna has been a breeding ground for kidnappers, with criminals targeting schools.

In addition to the abduction of Afaki, on April 20, 2021, at least 23 students and an employee of the University of Greenfield Kaduna were abducted from the school. A few days later, five students were killed by bandits.

Although the thugs demanded a $ 100 million ransom to free other students still in captivity, Governor Nasir El Rufai kicked him, even threatening to arrest any parent who paid the ransom to the thugs.

But going further, Sunny also criticized the Kaduna state government, stating that the parents chose to pay the ransom to secure the release of their children and were subsequently arrested.

“When we talk about not negotiating, I will not pay the ransom, the question arises: what did you do, from a security point of view, to curse all of this?”

“The question is; do we have a government willing to put an end to banditry in this country? He asked, adding that the parents have been in prison emotionally, psychologically and morally since their children were kidnapped 56 days ago.

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