Halal food has been declared extremist in France. It is not possible to resent insults from the Prophet (saws) – this is terrorism

After the landmark, programmatic speech of French President Macron, who declared total war on Islam, the 6 million Muslim community immediately felt the consequences in this speech.

The punitive machine is running and gaining momentum. The severed head of a blasphemer teacher near Paris very opportunely framed the political order of Macron and the forces behind him for a large-scale anti-Islamic attack, which, apparently, has been preparing for a long time.

Recall that in recent months, the French authorities have already closed 72 mosques and Islamic schools. But not only mosques and madrassas became the target of punitive actions of the French authorities.

The next target for the attack was … food !!!

Yes, yes, this is not a mistake. Halal food may be banned in France in the near future, since the food of Muslims, according to a number of government officials, is a manifestation of terrorism and radicalism.

You will say that this is nonsense and that this cannot be, and a mentally normal person cannot have such an idea. And you will be wrong.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen, in an interview with the BFM TV channel, called the presence of halal food departments in stores unacceptable.

Let us remind you that halal – products or services produced or provided in accordance with the norms of Islam. The term applies to food, services, finance, cosmetics manufacturing and others.

By the way, religious Jews have their own “halal” – kosher products or food. But they, apparently, do not pose any threat to the republican principles of France, in contrast to the halal Muslims.

According to Darmanen, grocery stores should not have dedicated halal sections. “I am shocked by this. This is how radicalism is promoted, ”he said.

In other words, if, for example, a Muslim does not eat pork, does not drink wine, but prefers milk and lamb, slaughtered with a knife, and not killed with a sledgehammer or electricity, then this is radicalism, extremism and terrorism.

The Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France did not stop there. He announced that a public insult to the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salatu wasalam) should be demonstrated in all schools and educational institutions in France.

In addition, anyone who complains about this insult, expresses dissatisfaction, condemns or calls on the authorities to stop blasphemy and insults will be declared an “accomplice and participant in terrorism.”

And it is not just words. Among the 7 people previously detained by the police after the murder of the teacher, the imam of the mosque Abdelhakim Sefreui and two parents of college students, who posted a video appeal to stop the teaching methods of teacher Samuel Pati, who insulted the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salata wasalam).

All of them were charged with “complicity in a terrorist murder”. That is, a simple appeal to the authorities to stop the public insult to the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salatu wasalam) is now considered in France “complicity in terrorism.”

By the way, the mosque, which called on the French authorities to stop the insults, was closed. It was closed precisely because the mosque appealed to the government with a request to influence the Islamophobe and stop provocative acts.

Closed Islamic organizations also include the Anti-Islamophobia Foundation and BarakaCity. There were raids on mosques, Islamic centers, educational institutions and communities. Many detained Muslims who have not yet received French citizenship but are legally residing in the country are now facing deportation.

Let us recall, in this regard, the words of Allah (s.t.), who warned Muslims in his Koran: “… They (the infidels) will not stop fighting you until they turn you away from your religion, if they can. And if any of you deviates from his religion and dies as an unbeliever, then his deeds will be in vain both in this world and in the Hereafter. They are the inhabitants of Fire and will remain there forever ” (Al-Bakara, 217th ayah).

Therefore, if tomorrow, following the ban on halal food, the French authorities ban Islamic names and declare the names of Muhammad, Ahmad, Abdullah and others as a manifestation of radicalism and terrorism, Muslims should not be surprised.

France is the cradle of democracy. Democracy is proud of the achievements of technology, tolerance, freedom, human rights, etc. But when democracy, colliding with Islam, loses to it the struggle for the minds and hearts of people, the masks are thrown off and the grin of kufr is exposed.

Adepts of democracy are sure that scientific and technological progress, coupled with the desertion of mankind by the destruction of moral restrictions – this is civilization. Therefore, fitra (innate nature), laid in the hearts of people by their Creator, is the most dangerous enemy for these regimes that plant wickedness on earth on behalf of the crowd deceived and deceived by them.

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